Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Retail

Sorry for the delayed post.

So far, we are enjoying another stellar day at the office-- with all sectors looking green and healthy. Most momentum buyers are piling into the Homebuilders and Retail.

I can't get behind the Homies. The fundies are too bad and they are the bears public enemy #1. However, after driving myself insane going Christmas shopping, I am starting to believe this is going to be a knock-out quarter for many retailers. I mean, the lines are outrageously fucktarded.

Aside from the Retailers, I like the strength in the Semi's and Networkers.

Also, I really liked the quarter SCMR posted and feel the stock is dirt cheap. I may start buying some-- considering it trades near cash. Talk about a shell company-- look at SCMR's balance sheet.

Finally, I am happy MVIS reversed off $2.40 and is now repeatedly punching the shorts in the face. Who shorts $2.50 stocks anyway?

The following Retailers have mojo:

TWTR +7.9%
EVST +6.9%
URBN +6.6%
UARM +5.3%
SBUX +3.4%

Isn't shorting a $2.5 stock the same as buying it?

Was that a real Q? Just curious.

I'm still in long. :)
I think from the message above your being called out broker.
It is my belief that anyone shorting low priced stocks are destitute for pain.

Now, those who buy $2.50 stocks are just looking to have a little fun.

Bottom line: I hate guys/gals who shrt $2.50 stocks.

One of the many things that annoy me.
Lets see one of those 50K blocks fly.
fuck SBUX - sry - issues with that piece of shit
Fair enough.

Fuck SBUX.
Get on that DLIA train TOMORROW brother.
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