Monday, December 04, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

Last week I was worried that higher oil prices, coupled with a weak dollar, may derail the bull market. Today, once again, the market is displaying why it doesn't pay to bet against it.

The bears are getting their heads chopped off, one by one, as everything but oil rips higher. Tech stocks, specifically Semiconductors and Networkers are up big and have plenty of momentum.

Once again, the temporary dip in the market was a buying opportunity-- not a prelude of some disastrous Elliot Wave type decline.

With the dollar stable and oil prices on the decline, I feel the Semi's could run a bit higher.

Bottom line: Sellers, line up to get your head cut off.

NOTE: I feel oil should be bought on this dip, not sold.

The following Semiconductor stocks have mojo:

ATHR +7.8%
TGAL +7.1%

NETL +4.8%

NVDA+ 4.3%

SLAB +4.1%

AMAT +3.7%

Have you heard anything about NBC buying Any thoughts?
The rumor probably started from all the hoopla over the new website.
I have not heard anything, nor do I believe that deal will happen.
I heard that NBC wanted to pony up $1.6B for
I wouldn't take anything less than $2B Broker. Just my opinion.
Elliot Wave = voodoo

(except when it seems to work, then it's "technical analysis")
Attention: is for sale:

2.1 billion dollars.
forward forecast went from bullish to bearish over the weekend. going out 30-60 looking for above average temps. after the run we've had that brings the house of pain. my natty guy calling for a 5 handle out a couple weeks. we'll see
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