Thursday, May 31, 2007


Fly Buy: ARWR

I bought 30,000 ARWR @ $7.51.

Disclaimer: If you buy ARWR because of this post, your roof will spring a leak. And, you may lose money.

Fly, any opinion on CLWR? I know you are out of the trade.
Fly, how about that CORS, would you put your mother's $ in it? She need little risk and I like the 5.5% dividend. Saw some fuckers crying about possible loan defaults. Any comments appreciated.
Fuck CLWR.


If I bought CORS for my Mother, it would represent 4-5% of her entire portfolio.
Broker 1-10 whats your "feeling" on ARWR? As you know I have been in and out of it since the 5's and still own a small piece but I don't follow it much.
Broker's silicon network has no feeling. BTW, is your billygoat beard in the way of reading about 5 fucking lines down?
waiting a bit for a mild pullback - or all heads first in ... looking a little toppy ... not to be fucktarded - just a little cautious ?
Hey broker, Last night doing some research I discovered SQNM. Today its ripping higher. Should print 6.
Dude, all these bros...did you pass out your business card to the yahoo msg boards or something?

Fly, congrats on AGE.
partial highfive on GME, FMCN.

In the yaho message board vein, the bulk of my comments will be a joke or spam.

Q: What's the difference between oral sex and anal sex?

A: Oral sex makes your day; anal sex makes your hole weak.

Q: How can you tell if your wife is dead?

A: The sex is the same but the dishes pile up.

Q: What's more fun than strapping a baby to a clothesline and then spinning it around at 200 mph?
A: Stopping it with a shovel.

Don't be using my name to pawn off pump and dump stocks.

Dang, I didnt know there was another justin on here. I dont pump and dump.

I have been holding ARWR since 4.90 for example and I think SQNM is going to see a similar rise in share price.

Anyway to modify my username or at least the format
holding SQNM - Cantor (mr. genome q. pocketprotector, not cantor fitzgerald) to present at FOCIS in SD on 11th - news item soon. Strong fetal nucleic acid IP here.
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