Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Fly Buy: HANS

I bought 2,000 HANS @ $39.65.

Disclaimer: If you buy HANS because of this post, PEP will bankrupt itself--effectively leaving you without soda pop. And, you may lose money.

For some strange reason I think this could be a record day for broker. Looking at his portfolio I see so much green.
I agree. Has to be!
It is for me. Up over 8%.
Good observation gapper, due to The Fly having constructed a truly impressive fat-mountain-bitch-free portfolio.
Fly, you are the man. I don't know what you'll eat tonight, perhaps some uber rare caviar.
Indeed, it is a record day.

I'm up 3.9%, so far.
gack - so we're looking at some all-time over-the-top ego-consumo-centric end-day declaration of victory? something way beyond mere whiskey, steaks, etc?

looking forward to it.

anybody like DRIV, KNOT, AKAM? They're "cheap"; possibly not deservedly so...
Hey gapper, you watching those Lake Michigan seagulls feasting on the 17-yr cicadas? There’s got to be something there for Fly’s analyst to compare to MVIS shorts?
For you city-folk that doesn't know what one million giant bugs per acre is like.
Yep fucktard I am. I also think they signal a drought is coming! That is why I am buying up LNN like crazy!
Fucktard, lived through one of those spells in Milledgeville, Georgia, of all places. I had a gorgeous blonde 20 y.o. girlfriend at the time. Believe it or not, she would paddle me around in a canoe, while I fished. The fish were tearing up those cicadas as quickly as I could get them on the hook and in the pond. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm good times. The whole town buzzed from them for about 5 days.
Wood: I actually went by the Millegeville area several weeks ago. I was at a college golf tournament at Reynolds Plantation near Greensboro.
Caddy, I miss SC and GA. Especially the coast. My MVIS gains have got me a nice condo for a week in July at Folly Beach.
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