Thursday, May 31, 2007


The Important Matter of Japanese Barbers

Just in case you were wondering, I fired my Japanese barber yesterday.

First of all, God forbid I am 5 minutes late-- the fucker cancels my appointment. While it's true, he is a Picasso with the scissors, fuck that. "The Fly" is far too busy and callous, than to arrive at a barbershop on time.

Secondly, that fucker raises his prices--every damn time I'm there. Albeit, we are talking small numbers-- 5 bucks here, 10 bucks there. Still, it was getting ridiculous.

So, following yesterday's hair cut, I asked him, despite the fact he doesn't speak any English, "what are you using light sweet crude to grease those scissors?" I queried why his prices go up 5 bucks-- everytime I visit. However, all he did was nod-- because he had no fucking idea what I was saying. So, I said fuck it-- and paid the man his inflated, oil adjusted, prices.

I'm sure he would make a great business partner for my Chinese food guy. Couple of assholes they are.

this is funny as hell broker a.
He had it coming...
So we still don't know who the fuck you are, but now we know your're not John Edwards.
... or Hillary Clinton.
JCG wants to break the fuck out. Fly, why not get one of those sympathetic hot blonde stylists that will spill her heart out "whenever" and give you a little neck massage afterwards. My stylist is a former "Laker Girl" and is friends with the wife.
Sounds like they both have you by the balls, a guy like you needs that from time to time. Funny shit. Hurricane season starts tomorrow, not say say a hurricane will happen June 1, but I'm ready to make money off of the hype, thanks for the heads up on GMXR, own it, and like it. Thoughts on IPII? I'm long going into the summer.
Mother.. JCG just broke out!!! Fly, grab some more of this?
This site is turning into an Amway convention.
Dreams of riches everywhere. Soon there won't be any postings of rap songs or Deadwood clips-- just pictures of Beemer's,vacation homes and stress relief girls.

I hate to say it but it reminds me of 2000-- Everyday every hour--how much am I worth now? How much am I worth now........ OK go ahead and shove me down the stairs.

Hey, I just got richer.How's that beemer of yours. I'll be buying another Cayenne, next Tuesday.
Yeah, but can you afford the insurance?
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