Thursday, May 31, 2007


Position Updates: MVIS

PicoP featured on CNN.

Click here to download retarded wmv file.

Dudes at MVIS, can you please discard this wmv file shit and go flash?

UPDATE: All of the internet should thank Hawkmoon for uploading MVIS' retarded wmv file to YouTube.

we go for a ride lady!
remove "?autoplay=1" from url to download the file itself.
I uploaded it to YouTube.

Link here

And I have embedding on so you can post it here if you want to Broker.
thanks hawk.
Flash sucks. WMV you can download. Just because you don't know how to embed a WMV. Youtube are dumbass Hitlary supporters.

Mychal - Longtime reader, 100% not sycophant like these ppl.
any money to be made day trading DNDN today heading into this oncology thing ?

Go fuck a wmv file.
Anybody know what time that MVIS was on CNN?
"MVIS 43.39 million shares outstanding and 4.04 million shares declared short as of May 2007, there is a failure to deliver in shares of MVIS." I hope they fuck evey last short in the ass 8.08 million times...
Is that going to work with porno clips as well. just a thought since porno is a multi billion dollar industry.
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