Thursday, May 31, 2007


Quick Alert: Consuming Biggest Bowl of Oatmeal Ever

As you know, "The Fly" has documented a direct correlation between oatmeal consumption and up stocks.

Long story short, I bought a new oatmeal bowl and it's fucking huge. Moreover, there is plenty of horse food in it, right now.


What brand oats Fly?
I hope its not "Turds and Whey."
^har de har har.

I'm not up 40%, but I did get head from a 19 yr. old girl on the beach last night. I was eating at fatburger and they walked by, so me and my two friends waved. They then came in Fatburger, said "We are from out of town and have a lot of alochol, and we leave tomorrow, do you want to hang out at the beach?"

When the fuck does that happen?

Turns out they wanted to go skinny dipping, which lasted all of about 4 seconds. Then moves were made.

Despite that success, I'd rather get the 40%, and she was surprisingly hot and impressively sober considering the abpve details.

W'Shed, you're wrong, bragging is awesome when cool stuff happens.
I need to move near a beach.
Kids today!!!
Bragging about sexual exploits is fine anytime, anywhere, the way I see it. Anyone can make 40% a year, but can they score hot chicks? Probably not.

I once had did a girl under the Governor's house at the south end of Garden City beach S.C.

Having grown up at the beach, I concur that beaches are the top place for locals to score hot tourist chicks.
My son wants to know if danny can be the new weekend blogger?
My son wants to quit college, throw away his golf clubs, move to where Danny lives, and then learn how to skateboard.
that must be one huge damn bowl of oatmeal.

I wonder if it is as big as Danny's beach girl.
it is the good life over here.
she was from ASU. Arizona state.

type "arizona state girls" into google, but without the quotes. Peruse some of the top links. Look I'm not saying I'm not a little surprised, but the fact is, she was hot.
Anyone play the JCG trade with me? I know Fly has some. I just made a small fortune on my options.
Oral makes your day , anal makes your week. I think I read those words of wisedom here.

Greetings from Laguna Beach where the tourist chicks are among the best in the world!
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