Thursday, May 31, 2007


Quick Alert: MVIS Shorts Being "Mushroom Clouded"

My sense, within a week, they will all be dead.

The internets never lies.

DIVX está el fuego !
MVIS TO 7.25 soon. Will anyone be selling the news or will you hang on for dear life like our friend Tom Calandra.
Carnivale was so dope. MVIS aight too.
MVIS shorts are not sweating enough, I think you should punish them more into the bell!
I am bearish on MVIS.
not that I'm complaining or anything, but, what the hell just happened to NTRI?
We'd like to thank Herb for such a convincing argument, now get the fuck out of here.
yeomps: Your dilusional nothing happened but it went up again.

What did fucking just happen though is that large block that crossed at the bell with ARWR at 7.60. That was not some jackass playing. When do you expect word on the trial broker?
Damn! Did you try Monster's coffee energy drinks? Sooooooooo frickn good. I'm drinkin Mean Bean right now.

Will buy some HANS soon.
My oil buddy tipped me off that MVIS may(will) in fact drop back to $2-3 when the bad news comes out about the picop spec disaster. You have been warned and your ytd gains will be history soon enuff. Get lubed up longs. I got some extra crude if you need it broker.

I hope an oil tanker blows up your house.
You dummy. The "spec" issue, as you call it, has been dealt with ad nauseum by MVIS mgmt.
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