Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Nine Inch Nails: Hurt

Too busy for CC's, up 4% today. If that saddens you, go fuck a goat.

Kick ass song, but, you have played this recently.
indeed. I changed it.

got to run.
fuck that, how the hell do you make 4% in a day managing such a large bankroll.
FoxNews about to talk about new smart phones. Not sure if they will discuss anything related to MVIS but who knows.
So all the complaints on that segment were about screen size. I happen to know a company that will soon fix that problem. Any ideas who that is?
What a fucking amazing Day. I don't think I got one thing done at work, sat in front of my screens like a fucking deer in headlights.
I am no Broker A by any means but I am proud to say that I was up 3.78% today and I am happy as a billygoat!
So gappers will be enjoying 3-inch tin cans on the grill tonight?
"fuck that, how the hell do you make 4% in a day managing such a large bankroll."

BrokerA has been loading up a huge position in MVIS since I have been following along here. Where that stocks goes, so goes his acount. MVIS was up over 9% today. If he sold 1/2 his shares tomorrow, it would be down by that much.
Anybody have an idea of where the price of MVIS will be in September?
Fucktard, actually I am planning on eating a large Italian pizza cooked in a wood fired oven. I will also be enjoying some nice Chianti which I have had in the basement for some time.
With a rather large position in MVIS and addtional positions in AAPL, GRMN, NVT, SNDK, NYX, and GOOG I was up 7% today. If that saddens you, at least you can know that a good portion of it is because of your influence.

too many jeremys read this blog. i will no longer be commenting.
"fuck that, how the hell do you make 4% in a day managing such a large bankroll."

MVIS is my largest position, fuckernutter.
I will be buying more HANS based on what I see and Fly's comments.

I am hearing that "Java Monster" is going to be another knock out from some pretty good sources at the company. Of course, this is public knowledge so don't get your panties in a wad.

Check this out:
Jave Monster will fly off the shelves this Fall during Halloween etc..
Jeremy, the "asshat" handle is available for your use. You'd look good in it.

Gappers, I should have anticipated it would have been Italian or Greek tin.

Jog on, global bear.
Have you guys seen the new steet views on google maps? Fucking crazy.
Yes, I can practically buy property now sight unseen with a good inspector.
JCG looks like its going to move higher from here over the next couple months. Everything is going gang busters there. They have all the right "clothing" at the right time. I am all over this stock and options.
JCG looks like its going to move higher from here over the next couple months. Everything is going gang busters there. They have all the right "clothing" at the right time. I am all over this stock and options.
Brent "Mania"! Ok I'm done. Goodnight.

Since I can't "daytrade" anymore and since MVIS has been so good to me, I picked up some HANS today around 40.

Thanks for the calls and congrats on your success,

Broker, great call on MVIS.

I've quietly accumulated 39,000 shares since mid- April through today, average cost at $4.423. MVIS makes up just over 1/3 of my account--- which (thank you very much)had a massive dick gain of over 7% today. You are now on my Christmas card list.
I was "Jeremy" before the weekend guy.
MVIS shorts $$ to shrink like a bug on a hot stove.

tootsie roll dick - show your face, i see you
Oh Christ you fuckers are going to come on here talking about your "quietly accumulated" MVIS positions. Don't you know that MVIS is old news? We don't even talk about it anymore.
My office is long close to 3 million shares of MVIS.

We sold zero.

Going higher, bitches.
Why were you buying still buying the warrants vs the common? I'm confused.
warrants are cheap.

I already have 250,000+ warrants. So,my peasant purchases of 2 and 3,000 shares lots mean little.

MVIS old news? Shit, it's just gettin' started homeboy.

Too bad you sold your 100 shares at $3.
Sure, it's just that the warrants are illiquid. Plus it seems like the stock has outperformed the warrants the last few sessions.

Looks like JSDA's finally getting a caning.
Hey Fly, if I want to purchase more of MVIS, should I go with the common stock or the warrants?

...mmmm...just ate a juicy rib-eye and polished off my last bottle of Fat Tire beer in celebration of a hard fought day of gains.

Did I mentioned that my account was up over 7% today? If you don't like it, refer to Fly's instructions on what to do with a goat.
Hmmm. Stockhead. Why are you bragg about your 7% on your own blog? Any readers?

Did I mention that your blog LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS ONE?

Finally, 2 things. What I said was humorous. The fact that you didn't get it means you must lack a basic understanding of sarcasm, which to my mind, requires at least a modicum of intelligence to grasp.

Second thing. All your bravado and rib eye steak slinging is fucking ridiculous considering that is Fly's schtick. Change your template to my blog-style and then you can whine and self-analyze about your unprofitability to your heart's content. I'm not popular, so no one will care.
I just read what looks like almost a record number of comments. Fly: Are you worried about a major top close at hand? I am, especially when I read comments like the one by Stockhead where he sounds like a Fly clone and his blog looks similar (although the content isn't even close) just like Wood commented. Next thing I hear will be that some of these readers are little league coaches, go to Dunkin Donuts in disguise and go downtown to flick quarters at poor people. Sure is alot of giddy comments about stock gains. This is like a bull on the cover of Businesweek.
As goes MVIS, so goes the traffic on Fly's blog.

Let's see if it crests 6 soon. Maybe then he hits 50 comments.

Caddy I feel the same way. There are so many new names and drive by idiots that post here now that I don't bother posting in the evenings, thats usually when the schools are out so the kiddies are home and posting. Worries me.
You guys sound like popcorn eating bitches.

Who gives a shit what these internet people say?

It's all fodder.
You couldn't pay me to eat a bowl of oatmeal...

I hope all is well?
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