Thursday, June 07, 2007


Bulls Hiding in the Toolshed

However, they'll be coming out soon.

just bought hans at 38.3, here we go.
I bought as well however its getting its face ripped off.
It should also be noted that Cramer is getting his balls dipped into a shredder in NYX to the tune of 13%. Good call dick, and its your pick of the year.
I guess I only saw the one bull in that clip, and he looked like he was getting low on ammo.
cnbc flip chart idea sucks. who is that horse in red?


You may have to do hand to hand combat with him.
I remember watching that movie as a small child and thinking, "someday, this guy is going to be a great governor."

Is the asshole dip buyer extinct?
wish all my longs were holding up like little MVIS - they're amazing. No revs, no profits, no fears. Nothing but a dead certain grinding march into the future. Gotta love it.
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