Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Closing Comments

Before I rant and rave over how smart I am, it's worth noting, ShortdaBull bought a blog ad, from yours truly. As you know, Shortdabull is a flaming retard, but his site looks nice.

So, with that being said, I command you (the internet sheep) to visit his creation and sign up, despite the fact that "The Fly" will never sign up to anything named "short da bull." That shit isn't even spelled correctly.

Today, I lost 0.6%. However, most of my stocks held their ground-- and rebounded late in the day, especially ARWR.

As I said before, the chatter is Fidelity buying large blocks of ARWR, in the open market, late in the day. It works like fucking clockwork.

All day long, the Internet sector gained momentum, with big dicked gains in AMZN, IGLD, BCSI, LOOK, MAMA, GOOG and VERT.

Also, I am hearing rumors of buyout interest in MRVL. Frankly, I don't trust the source, but it makes sense. MRVL has over 900 million in cash and little debt.

Finally, I anticipate the bears will attempt to drive the market down, again tomorrow. However, thanks to all the m&a action, any dip will be short lived-- providing the 2 & 10 years bond yields stay down.

With my money, I will likely buy more HANS. Then, after I am done buying HANS, I will buy some more.

My only regret is that I feel we will no longer be subjected to Shortdabull's ball-busting and crass humor. Now that he is a bidness man, I guess he can't afford to show his arse.
I bought some ARWR at around 3:15, for 7.09, 250 shares. Soon after, I updated my stockalicious ticker.

I bet Fidelity heard I was aggressively moving into the name and started buying.

It could also just be a coincidence.

thanks for the plug...you'll sign up eventually though. I'll bribe you with internet riches!

woody - yeah it's all suit and ties for me now....no more hookers, drunken binges and throwing rocks at passer-bys....that is, until the buyout of course, then it's back to one big orgy fest.
"thanks for the plug...you'll sign up eventually though. I'll bribe you with internet riches!"


While it's true, internet money is worth more than regular pedestrian money. I'll never sign up to a beartarded name, which is misspelled, like that.

Shortdabull is equal to shortyourcock.
if it makes you feel better you can type in shortthebull.com to go to the site.....although the extra "t" will make your calculator brain short circuit because of its unpleasant look.
JSDA is taking it in the ass. I hope hans dosen't catch jones cold......
Fly, who is "shorty our cock?" Do you have multiple personalities, and do they have short members?
I think shortdabull must have done/said something to howard lindzon that wasn't well recieved on his end.
arwr is almost wallstrip worthy. nice find amongst peny stock rubble
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