Sunday, June 03, 2007


The Fantastic World of Danny

I remember when I was 22, new on Wall Street, knowing I would one day mack hard. As a matter of fact, it was the age of 22 that "The Fly" starting banking some serious coin, up until Greenspan and the fucking dot com mushroom cloud nearly destroyed me.

Anyway, Danny has a clever way with words, but little to teach me. Unless of course, he wants to show me some fucking tricks on his skateboard. I'll have you know, "The Fly" was never any good at skateboarding. However, I could throw a 90 mph fastball and explode your head-- depending on my fucking mood.

Long story short, time to vote.

Should I "shitcan" Danny and send him back to the skateboard ramp?

kickflip, every try. You can do it, under my tutelage. Possibly the only thing I could teach you.
Fuck no don't fire him you need to hire him. The dude can write- Hell I even had to go to the wikipedia a few times for translations.

I don't give shit about what stocks he likes- If I want charts and stocks I can turn on the Bloomberg Report.

I say give him and "Seasonality Jeremy" 1 week each month.
Off with his head. His ego is as big as a 22 years olds libido, but lacks original thought and substance. An accountant who does not think outside of debits and credits will end up no more than a bookworm working for the man of the lower class.
Fire that fucker.
mrkc - agreed. Me and Jeremy are both extremely kickass.

KCequity - "lacks original thought and substance"

are you sure you were reading my articles, not herb the bearshitter? What constitutes "original thought and substance?" I tried to learn from your blog but it was so numbingly generic and stupid I had no choice but to honorably commit seppuku for having disgraced my eyes with it.
You guys sound pissed. It must be because Danny is young and has a narly skateboard.

Jealous old fuckers.
"Gnarly" is the correct spelling. No wonder you sucked at skateboarding.
Is "gnarly" a real fucking word, Wood?

Come on.

Correcting the spelling of a slang word is equal to me saying "you spelled "biatch" wrong. The Correct spelling is "biaatch."

Fuck off chart boy. has a definition for gnarly, but not for narly.
Should I "shitcan" Danny and send him back to the skateboard ramp?

Yes (24)
No (7)

I find these "early results" to be most foul. Ingrates...

However, I still anticipate a dramatic reversal in his favor, due to his capture of the massive, and "still-to-be seen European vote."
I am the real Jeremy.
ok, just how many of us are there?
Great job Danny, I vote for you to stay!
thanks ragin. added to the blog roll!
I had to vote for dismissal due to your abhorrent oversight and failure to post another "It's Always Sunny" clip.
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anyone else see that big assed sell off in china today? Shanghai is down 7-8% today. Granted, China stock move more than US stocks usually, but this is a bit much. Let's hope the market ignores this at open.
Danny - way the fuck goddam over the jesus christ top. Your Fucking Fired.

Fly - you need a Foil on weekends, not a like minded Blowhard. I'm sure the wife does better.
Hey fly,
How about getting breakfast taco back. I say all of us would like to have and do an update.
Bear fucks may actually make some drachmas today.
So are the quotes fucked up again? Half of my quotes stopped at 9:57AM? Where are we, in Zimbabwe?

At 10:43 I got an alert from my company saying that the NYSE was having "streetwide issues". All of my orders are hung and I'm waiting for this to be resolved.


They better not reverse my trades. I had sold 3000 shares of SMH at 37.19 when I saw it jump about .40 in 5 seconds. I assumed it was related to TXN news since it jumped over 1% at that time. When they reopened them it went back to normal pricing, but, my SMH was executed. I think Fly has an asshat of the week again with the morons who do the trader feeds.
What the heck got into RACK this morning? Up 7%???
Should I "shitcan" Danny and send him back to the skateboard ramp?

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