Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Position Updates: ARWR, MVIS

Like fucking clockwork, ARWR is being walked up, again-- late in the day.

And, MVIS is fucking bullet proof.

Fuck you to all the hatfuckers who sold MVIS short, or "took profits."

Taking profits is for pussies-- people who are scared of being wrong. Remember that when MVIS prints $10.

MVIS up. Fuck anyone who sells.
"Shortdabull" I get it! Good site.

I'd love to know how you pay the broker for the banner ad. I picture you having to drop an envelope in a locker somewhere in Brooklyn.

Good bargains coming soon. JNJ, HSY,YHOO,EBAY
They are coming after JSDA with both hands, too. That must have been one heck of a conference call.

When will you sell MVIS (if ever)? $10?
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