Thursday, June 07, 2007


Quick Alert: Beartarded Party

Thanks to the bond trading dick bags, the market is having its head sawed off. With the 2 & 10 year bond yields above 5%, the market will sell off.

While I am still bullish, short term, I feel the market will poleax itself-- another 3%.

Also, I am hearing a very large and respectable fund, aside from Fidelity, is taking down stock in ARWR--daily. Anticipate some sort of ownership filing, shortly. Also, I anticipate MVIS will get an accessory deal done, for its Picop, near term.

Finally, my approach to this decline is to take my losses like a fucking man. We are still in a bull market and it makes little to no sense trying to make a few rubber nickels on pointless momentum short sales.

Next thing you know, the market reverses and rips your face off.

NOTE: Check out HLYS getting its cock chopped off.

broker - BOOM opinion please. down 6% in a few days. hold? run to the hills? thoughts please...
Paris Hilton is out of Jail early and stocks are going down. Neither one surprising.

Another 3% down seems right. Broker throw me a good Nat.Gas ETF or stock.

Check out the clip below--This guy if funnier than shit- A new show on MOJO network "King of Miami"
Kind of a cross between Borat, and Pauly Shore.
No opinion of BOOM.

Although i believe the metal sell off is overdone.

I like GMXR for natty.

Let's see if they walk up ARWR, end of day.

Thoughts on NBR as a natty play?
Worst natty play is NBR.

They suck.
There was a story yesterday on HLYS and kids going to the hospital. By the way I am so fucking mad at my fucking brokerage, these fucks did not have any HLYS to short when I tried to short it when they last announced earnings. FUCK!
Broker you know anything about ZOLL- I'm fixin to buy me some.
Broker: If you're not a retard, jump in NRMX like I just did for a quick summer double. 6.20 now and going to 12-14 in a few months. Watch and learn.
damarketman: have you been reading this blog? Forget "watch and learn" threats; why is it going to double?
Someone just bought a shitlaod of MVIS! About 230k worth.
the zombie, sure been reading and profited from it (MVIS). And had to give some back to Fly to thank him with my summer double pick NRMX. No time to give reasons why. Do your DD and see why only retards would not buy this thing down here.
Fuck you Damarketman.
late day mvis squeeze?
FUCKING QUICK ALERT! MVIS is fucking smoking some shorts now!
Shortdabull's ad is crude. Like "fucktarded" can seem quite elegant when in context in verdana 12 point, but bright green "shit"? Uncouth. man.
and CROX is ripping
Thanks Fly! Exactly what I wanted. LOL! Made my day, thanks.

Oh, and here are some other long picks to thank you for MVIS:

NUAN 16.87
PCLN 59.25
JBX 73.51

This market will kill the shorts starting tomorrow or next week. Will be fun!
As long as someone keeps buying 100k blocks of MVIS, let the beartarded party continue.
My portfolio is taking a beating down .8%.
Crox are ugly rubber shoes that make your feet sweaty and stinky.

Not even as nice as pleather
I've been researching MVIS. Have you seen this?
ARWR needs their buyers to come out. I just bought 5000 shares and the shit traded straight through 7.05.
weee, PCLN from 59.25 to 60 in few minutes. Hope you got some Fly!!! This market will kill shorts next week!

Here's another deal: CERN 55.50
damarket--are you going to ask FLY MAN if he bought all of your stocks?

CERN is a local story here. Rumors of GE taking them out.
Natty play...

still is CHK.

Insiders own 16% of the company and there is a large short position of 48 M shares (over 10% of the shares o/s)

check out the insider buying in the last 18 months. McClendon now owns about $1 billion of CHK; Ward owns over $500 mil.; I guess they plan to eat their own cooking.

looking for mid-40s by y/e.
Looks like the big boys changed tactics with ARWR.
McClendon is a secondary offering hatfucker.
God I have the sinking feeling that I am about to get my balls chopped off, handed to me then I will be required to fry them and eat them up since I bought ARWR.
Fuck. This. Tape.
The market is getting fucked by an elephant. WOOM!
Sweet Lincoln's mullet. Next thing Boomer's gonna tell us is that Apple is coming out with a new device called the iPhone. Very insightful...
Fly, I hear Tarom and Aeroflot have good deals to Romania. Maybe you should start booking.....
Looks like they're walking ARWR down. :(
Bill Gross has a tiny weenie
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