Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Quick Alert: Bulls Getting Their Balls Roasted

Ask me if I fucking care.

We can close down 2,000 points and I'll still be too caffeinated and busy to care (obviously I'm talking shit).

But, seriously, what good is pleasure without a little pain?

Again, with my money, I'll wait until we are down 200, as predicted this morning, until nibbling at some of my favorite names.

When it's all said and done, MVIS will be $10, ARWR will be $10, CORS will be $25 and HANS will be $55. Until then, I will continue to intake too much caffeine, while throwing telephone handles at my fucking trader/servant-- for fucking up executions.

...and NTRI, which is holding up nicely.

Whoever wrote that article is a dick and will have his balls in hell-- whenever the squeeze occurs.
It's all cool Fly. Here is a YouTube on how the Bulls Come Back! Watch to the end!
Time to step up to the plate and buy. Bulls are being pussies today.
Fly - does PNRA performance make you concerned about BWLD? They both compete for consumer discretionary eating dollars just wondering what you think.

Fly, what kind of watch do you wear?
Something tells me you knew the "upper-cut" to the face of the bull was coming today. Should have read more into what you said yesterday with the "jab".

"Finally, I anticipate the bears will attempt to drive the market down, again tomorrow."


"Over the past 3 weeks, I have spent most of my cash reserve. Therefore, I will not be chasing this dip, for Mother Market may have a brass knuckled punch to the nose in store."
"Fly, what kind of watch do you wear?"

Today, I am wearing a Patek Philippe.

Shall I disclose my shoe brand too?

What is this, the fashion police?
I think he wants to send you a watch for a gift. You better tell him how many diamonds you prefer to be encrusted.
nice watch. i have a 6000G. love my yachmaster too. prefer the bigger watch, wear the 6000G for evenings. yachtmaster day in day out.
Met a girl... she asked me what I did. I said; "I race sail boats."
She replied: "Sailboat guys... Yeah I know, big watches, little dicks.
mike, funny, but they are just goals...etc. funny line, though. i like self deprecating humor.
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