Monday, June 04, 2007


Quick Alert: Democracy Takes a BackSeat; Long Live Fly

As you know, the one called "Danny" is supposed to get fired tonight-- and sent back to his fucking skateboard ramp. However, being true to internet dictatorship, I have decided to circumvent you (the internet voter) and bring him back for a second week.

The one called "Danny" promises to produce the best blog post in the history of all the internets-- if allowed to return next week. Failure to do so will result in immediate internet dismissal, followed by the dispatch of multiple laser beams aimed at his fucking skateboard and skateboard ramp. As you know, this will disrupt Danny's skateboarding hobby for many full moon's. A just punishment, indeed.

Should I "shitcan" Danny and send him back to the skateboard ramp? [118 votes total]

Yes (79) 67%
No (39) 33%

Yeah, makes sense; how the fuck was it 79 to 39? Danny, B-Taco and Jeremy were the Top 3 so far. Fly is God.
Fuck you B trader.

May your sheep produce weak wool.
Good move. Give Danny the whole week and a bag of mushrooms to prepare. Can't wait.

Everybody needs an Ed Mcmahon (If you don't know who that is ask Fucktard)

Whats the Natty play? I own a bunch of SO-- will that participate.
Long live The Fly.
Fuck this gay talk, more important things to discuss. China is once again getting fucking eaten by Godzilla! I am starting to feel like Tony Soprano waiting for the wacking to start. Don't get me wrong I am not fucking beartarded but it is a little be fucking worrisome that one of these days some fucking trading desk is going to see China selloff and fucking jump out their window selling everything they own. Thoughts? Am I just paranoid?
No trading desk is long China-- only the local idiots.

Big money is in Hong Kong and Singapore. Don't sweat it.

The China market can fucking melt away, like an ice cream pop on a 100 degree day, and our markets would still leg up.
Jeremy and Danny must be on the Fly's internship program. Benefits include working for the Roman wage, leadership training while supervising those illegal yard workers, and all the oatmeal you can eat. You must provide your own Monster energy drinks though.
tyranny wins again!
I'm short Danny and the weekend bloggers. Fly's irrational exuberance concerning the "kick-flip kid" is a sure sign of topping action in the weekend blogger market.
As Danny de Vito so eloquently put it in OPM...Amen.
Someone in the past few days has a pretty big appetite for NTRI shares.
Does this mean anything?
" Arrowhead Research Corp. (ARWR) said Friday that Ed Jacobs was terminated
from his position as chief executive and president of Insert Therapeutics
Inc., a majority-owned subsidiary. "
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