Monday, June 04, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Energy

So China gets kicked in the nuts and my Chinese stocks, FMCN and CN, go higher. Fuck the Chinese market and all the goat herders who buy it.

Thus far, I am bored with today's action.

Naturally, the dip buyers will support the market, no matter what. Therefore, in my opinion, it makes sense staying long and adding to your favorite positions.

For me, in light of the LEND buyout, I want to buy more CORS.

As for the Energy sector:

Eric "the oil barrel" Bolling must be as happy as a pig in shit, with big dicked gains in XTO, ARD, CHK, SUN, SWN, ATLS, APL, PQ and RRC.

In short, I am very busy today and have little to no time to fuck around and discuss stocks with weird people on the internets.

However, I will say, MVIS, NTRI and ARWR look good here.

Fly, mama's in on CORS, we ride it to 28.

All talking about condo risk, fuk 'em.
Good websites for this upcoming Hurricane season.

This little cyclone out in the Arabian Sea will be slowing tankers way down, gotta love this time of year, tons of money to be made.
No wonder their cars are cheaper than ours.
any thoughts on HMIN? think it's a good short candidate?
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