Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Internet

These damn bond rates are starting to irritate me. For some reason, the wizards who trade bonds think Bernanke is going to raise rates. Hence, the 2,10 and 30 year yields are going through the roof.

As you all know, the sentiment shift of the fucktarded, asshattardly bond traders changes with the direction of the wind.

Just to reiterate, if the Fed's next move is to hike interest rates, instead of cutting them, "The Fly" will retire and move to the mountains of Romania, where he will herd goat for the rest of his existence.

As for today's trading:

Despite pockets of strength, the market looks like shit on a hot dog bun. For what it's worth, the Internet sector is bucking the trend, up 0.12% on the day. Wow.

Within the sector, I like the action in IGLD, AMZN, CTRP, GOOG, BIDU, VERT and NCTY.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have spent most of my cash reserve. Therefore, I will not be chasing this dip, for Mother Market may have a brass knuckled punch to the nose in store.

So, for now, I will sheeply watch my positions melt away, like a global warmed polar ice cap. In the meantime, "The Fly" will order a ridiculously large bowl of oatmeal-- and eat it.

Frankly, despite the fat fucks over at NTRI, I have nothing going on today. A sea of red.

Should I regain my balls, I may buy some BBY today-- although I doubt it.

NOTE: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Have you ever tried a Monster Energy Soda?

based on your daily "eyeballs" you should spin this blog. BBY is pin action the consumer is running out of gas. Just look at wal-mart. Interest rates will move higher. Right now it seems we have a fight between gold and the dow. Both hedging which way the fed will go!

Sorry, for I do not speak in riddles, like you.

I will not "spin" anything. Instead, I suggest you try eating a shit sandwich, while "spinning" on your bullshit $400 pleather chair from SPLS.
I have tried the Monster drink. Way to sweet, and no real rocket ride for my cranium. I get a better push with strong coffee. They need to tone down the syrupy taste. Maybe this Monster MoJo is the answer. I have not tried it.
spinning as in IPO. Or a link with YOUTUBE. Rather rude of you.

You come here, to my Kingdom, and say things, such as: "I have tried the Monster drink. Way to sweet, and no real rocket ride for my cranium."

Or, "BBY is pin action the consumer is running out of gas."

And, you call me rude?

Where's the internet etiquette?
Is this Joe? ah ok this forum is an extenstion to "the fly on wall" a daily buzz. cool.
Ezthere- First of all, "way too" not "way to." Second, your cranium is not developed enough to question God (The Fly).
hahaha listen every one is "god" in a bull run. Even the stooges in my office. Who think mutual funds are growth stocks. thanks for the english class.
This is starting to look like a Yahoo message board with this fucking EZ guy, I don't like the chatter here, just gonna read the blog for a while, not the comments.
never tried one, never seen one on the shelf.
Is ARWR still good to buy?

The Fed will leave the rates alone one more time IMO.

AMZN has been a monster this last two month. The stock has doubled from $37 to $74. Thanks to the you dumb shorts.
Yes, shorts got fagged on AMZN.
In reards to the Monster drink. Never had it, never will. People tell me it taste like cough medicine and the small thin can looks gay. Give me good old coffee and a cappuccino. I'll try the Monster Java though.
Until the voice of the internets is listened to and Danny is shitcanned, I will be casting the opposite of my vote on this and all future Fly Surveys.
I just tried my first can of Monster Java (and bought HANS)because of you. It's giving me the shits and making me money at the same time...thanks.

It sure beats the crap out of fiber.
The FLY spending all his cash reserves is not a good sign for the market.......

ARWR @ 7.10. Are you still in on this one?
Monster Energy drink tastes great and is served up in a man-sized can (unlike red bull in there itty bitty pussy can). Looking forward to getting jacked up on Monster Java.
Check out DIVX. Good news bump, followed by c-level departure, seasoned with a couple days of selling while there was no news but all hoped everything was going to be ok. Result was massive ass-fucking.

BTW, are you Fly's "Phoenix" chef or samurai barber?
Looks like I may have to go on a hunting trip in Romania soon.
mvis warrant countdown begins today
still bullish on ARWR.
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