Friday, June 01, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

For some reason I am not impressed with the tape, this morning. Maybe it's because ARWR is shitting the shower, following good phase 1 clinical data or because NTRI jumped $6--then collapsed $5.

Long story short, "investors" are selling the ARWR news, but will likely buy back--following a possible Russel 2000 inclusion, after today's close.

Apparently, some very large funds are rushing into BBY, ahead of June's numbers. And, Semiconductor stocks are finally being bid up, specifically ATHR, CREE, SMTL, SIRF, MU and QI. However, as of now, "The Fly" is not a fan of the semi's. They're for losers.

Finally, with my money, I'll probably nibble at ARWR, HANS and MVIS. By the way, it looks like my RS is catching fire.

Fly- your little portfolio tracker I set up on my yahoo looks like the "Green Monster" everyday. Lucky Fucker. Has Rupert called you about your retarded blogspot yet?

Isn't it interesting with all your intellect and calculation, you still get worked over by the Asian merchant.

Thanks for HANS- I feel like I'm in my late 20's again.
The semitards devoted too much capacity to NAND flash the past two years and underinvested in DRAM capacity. DRAM spot prices spiked 5% in one fucking day yesterday. In addition, OVTI blew away numbers. CMOS sensors are 100% of OVTI's business, but MU has a growing share of that market, too.

Getting long MU is a no-brainer. Too many fuckers who are short it got caught offguard by the DRAM price spike and the improving business trends in CMOS. MU shorts apparently don't enjoy their balls, cuz they will soon be testicle-less.
Happy Flyday boys.

MVIS is going higher than balls on a giraffe.
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Please provide me with the names of all these so-called investors.
tangentially on semi's, memc (WFR) as play on polysilicon supply constraints. (no pos yet)
I haven't read all the books available on the markets, but am I correct in assuming that "shit the shower" is not a phrase indicative of positive results?
Anyone buying ARWR down here?
NEM leading gold stocks up for the fourth day in a row. Hasn't been like this for at least a year and a half. The ECB said they are done selling gold for the year under the "gold treaty" with other central banks.
what is going on with mvis?
Profit taking before the weekend, the thing has had a 27% move up in 10 days, relax.
When a stock is up 5% every day for a number of days in a row, it's bound to sell off a little. Chill the fuck out.
Hey broker, fuck you, mvis is down.
Yeah, Broker. WTF? Shouldn't this thing go up every day forever and ever?
Prices are getting retarded. My personal favorite:

CRM - 3,994.08x
I'm back.

I was very busy having lunch.
% of mkt

# phones

shares out

stk price

mkt cap.



cost of rev.

net income

5x income

Value? 5x income/shares outstanding=

Pls help simplify
It's going higher.
that's what I like, just moved my mama's money. What do you like Fly?

cors, hans, mvis, any safer money plays for people over 47.5. I'm not, me 31 like you.
Fly i'm getting fucked over here... What to buy before the weekend?
buy land you fucktards and prepay for a spot at the old folks house for your 47.5 mom...
No stock picks for you.
jeff, if you 31, me feel bad, you retarded.

How find time to read all internets conspiracy theories when busy working the floor at plant screwing caps onto toothpaste.

91.2% NPM is laughably high, though despite your skewed intelect you came close. Using that analysis with more accurate numbers, and depending on the multiple, you get anywhere from $75-130
danny, why attack? You still pissed that you have a tootsie roll dick?

prove something wrong dummy

noone will accept the challenge - too scared
Jeff, you are still in NOD on your Trailer Paynment. I am going to have to send Buster so you best be bending your knees all day.
Jeff so you know Danny has a Tootsie Roll dick. Jeff, question did it taste like a Tootsie Roll and shoot butter cream?????
It looks as though the list of tootsie roll dicks is surging. I'll have you all know I was the first to make the cut.
His mom could tell you.
"Tootsie Roll dicks"? What the hell is going on with this website. Its starting to read like a middle school yearbook written by kids who ride the small yellow school bus and I certainly don't mean to insult them.
Maybe someone's looking for Mr. Goodbar.
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