Wednesday, July 18, 2007


50 Cent: In My Hood

No CC's today. Tennis time.

See you fuckers tomorrow.


VMI Valmont beats by $0.22; beats on revs; gives outlook (75.07 +0.40)

Reports Q2 (Jun) earnings of $1.03 per share, $0.22 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.81; revenues rose 18.7% year/year to $402.3 mln vs the $366.3 mln consensus. Co gives outlook saying, "Our outlook for the second half of the year is for improved operating performance and favorable comparisons with last year. We will likely achieve our near-term goal of improving operating income as a percent of sales to 10% this year. YOY percentage improvements for the last two quarters of the year however, will likely not be as strong as those in the first half of 2007. The current market trends for our businesses are strong. Our performance reflects favorable market conditions as well as our initiatives to realize full value for the products we sell, reduce costs and improve employee engagement. A combination of a continued emphasis on these programs, favorable competitive pricing environments and good market conditions could provide a climate for additional improvement in results."

The market is cooked. Time to pull all stops and buy protective putss.
bears soon to be found cryin on the killin floor
Tennis is for pussies.
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Hey Fly,
When they show buy and sell volume, could it be possible to show sell but actually buy order is getting filled? Is it a realible indicator to look at.
kd, when a stock is sold, no one buys. It is just sold.
crude, stop being a sarcastic dick licker.
Fly, do you remove your gladiater chest plate and chain mail before you play tennis?
when someone sells a stock and there are no buy orders, the stock automatically goes to this guy, he's in charge.
NewEq, you still long that IBKR?
I'm watching your trade, turd.
you are a chinball, I hope oil price falls to a dollar a barrel on you. And also, I hope you spill a barrel of oil in your kitchen costing thousands of dollars in cleanup expenses.
NewEq, Fuck you asshole I just coughed up my kidney reading that shit. Hold old there, Smokey. The first sign of "acting up" is going to be my kitchen bursting into flame! What am I supposed to do when it flares up? Throw water on it? IT'S ALREADY FULL OF WATER YOU IDIOT!!! I live in a two-bedroom tinderbox with 10,000 books and a cat with a shaky bladder. I'm not prepared to fight electrical fires!

Goddamit that makes those inverses feel much better. Good thing I did not take your bet or I would have no reason to turn over this kidney to you.

Ok aside from the fucktardedness I just vomited out, that fucking report in the morning better be negative as fuck or I am going to be a mad fucker. Now don't get me wrong I am a fucking bull donkey asshole but I am hedged 9 ways till Sunday and would like to collect on those hedges and initiate some cheap BWLD, HANS, NYX and PHO longs tomorrow. Call me a fucking asshole for wanting to have my cake and eat it too but thats the way its goes, I didn't win that lottery either on Tuesday so someone owes me some fucking gravy. To you people that have been getting jobs lately I only have one thing to say: GO ON WELFARE FOR ONCE you fucking transients.

Late post thought, I have called ahead to the fucking Greek place and asked for Nick, yes that sent them scurrying like rats on YUM's floor but I told those fuckers to start smoking that pig, I am going to eat it on Tuesday when you shorts in MVIS are being southern fried like mdaws was in IVAC. Bitches.
Valmont has a fucked up website. Hope their business isnt. They say the earnings call is tomorrow, but the release is today. But dont tell you what time it will cross the wires. I've never had to do so much digging to find out when a damn earnings PR would be. True Fucktards.
What cigars3 said.
When a stock is sold it is stored in the server at the headquarters of the Plunge Protection Team which is in the mountains of Virginia. Once a year the team (which consists of the Fed Chairman, and CEOs of MER,GS,BSC) decides if they are going to buy the stock. If they don't buy it then the stock will be erased from the server and gone forever.
I don't have a kitchen. Plus, oil is for asshats anyway, haven't you heard?
Plunge Protection Team, hahaha.

Still long IBKR and just bought some calls. Thanks for asking.
Thanks again for VMI
VMI absolutely destroyed estimates & the 11% short pos is gonna blow this thing over par . Lets all do a collective bow down to the Fly. His mojo is still intact.
Great Call on VMI.
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Thanks for VMI. I'm ashamed for ever doubting your time-machine future knowing abilities.
Damn. you guys coulda put up a link! It is still hard to find. Not even on their stinkin website yet.

Man, they crushed. Thanks fly. Hope the stock explodes tomorrow. We'll see:

Valmont Industries Q2 Profit Rises - Quick Facts [VMI]

7/18/2007 5:44:18 PM Valmont Industries Inc. (VMI) ported net earnings for the second quarter of $26.9 million or $1.03 per share, compared to $17.3 million, or $0.67 per share in the prior year quarter.

The company reported second quarter sales of $402.3 million, compared to $338.8 million for the same quarter of 2006.

Analysts polled by First Call/Thomson Financial expected the company to report earnings of $0.79 per share on revenues of $363 million in the second quarter.

Valmont's first half net earnings were $45.7 million, or $1.76 per share, compared to $30.4 million or $1.18 per share in the same period of last year. For the first six months of 2007, sales were $742.9 million, compared to $642.4 million in 2006.

The company noted that it would achieve its near-term goal of improving operating income as a percent of sales to 10% in fiscal 2007.

full report
All segments performed great/

Hopefully this doesnt put a lid on it.

"Year-over-year percentage improvements for the last two quarters of the year however, will likely not be as strong as those in the first half of 2007."
I win again, fuckers.

MVIS update forthcoming.
canaccord states in their research that they forsee a partnership within 6 months. this is a slightly different timeline than has been stated my management.
nice call on vmi
Wonder how many people got trapped short when we were down over 100 today? Sure was a strong close.
Hey Broker A...

I don't know if you know, but I thought I'd let u know...

Tradinggodess gave a nice shout out to you on an interview she had.

"I win again, fuckers.

MVIS update forthcoming."

Was that geared toward MVIS or VMI? The "I win again" part. Can't wait to hear the update!

I'm still holding the LNN. Think this could be a good time to add more? LNN and VMI same industry, so things seem to be firing on all cylindars there.

Great call Fly!
Did Tradinggodess just say she was a transvestite?

Thanks for putting VMI on my radar. I just bought my first 100 shares today.
I like these drought plays long term.
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