Thursday, July 19, 2007


Afternoon Thought

Does DRYS, GNK or EXM ever go down? And, furthermore, why don't I fucking own these stocks?

NOTE: Take a look at the tankers. It's an inferno of fun.


Is it time to gobble up the financials like BSC, GS? Or do you think they still are not done going down?
I'm going to wait until next week.
Two great trending stocks.

They're over priced and over bought right now, but what isn't in this bull market?

I would say your waiting for a pullback and weakness before getting a piece of the action.
"They're over priced and over bought right now, but what isn't in this bull market?"

If you fuckers mention another down stock, I will track you down and throw humus at your mustache.
Do you have a decision on MATH yet? Dump or hold?

I'm pretty sure Fly said last week that he liquidated his position in MATH

I didn't see that.


I hope you buy more. The product seems very unique.
GNSS breaking the fuck out. Expectations are so low for this piece of shit company. Watch as GNSS rips the kidneys out of the shorts and shoves them down their throats.
That's it. You fuckers don't listen to explicit directions.

I suggest shaving that mustache off now.
Fly, you must have had a bad experience with mustaches or eyebrows sometime in your past. That was the funniest quote to date. It surpassed, "He said a bunch of other crap about Gold too, but I was too busy eating a hamburger with pickles, at the time, to hear him clearly. You know, the pickles were snapping in my ears."
The mustache comment was funny, but even better was when I looked at the "inferno of fun" link and nearly sprayed granola and soy milk out my nose. GNK up 15%?! The shipping group is unbucking felievable right now! I was thinking of buying NM yesterday, but need to look longer before pulling the trigger. Read some scary stuff about DRYS management.

The whole market is a freakin' inferno of fun right now. Wild.
I retract my MATH statement, I went searching and didn't see where he said he got rid of it. I must have gotten it confused w/ something else, perhaps ARWR. My bad.
A doesn't want to talk about MATH
Oops, sorry. i didnt realize it was down a few cents today. I'm shaving my mustache now.

What he said was he was going to check with his sources and determine by the end of the week if he was going to sell or hold M..err...that particular stock that rhymes with wrath...
Hey, you noticed the rally in the tankers too! I JUST blogged about some other "goods-transporting" plays.
Haha. you should stop by my website. I'm up 55% on DRYS. Also 100%+ gains in VSR and VSEC. While you have a calculator brain. Mine is a supercomputer brain.
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