Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Assholes, No Politics Here

I just came back in the house, after grilling and consuming about 50 beers, and all I see here is political bullshit.

Assholes, go fuck your pet pig, instead of posting distorted perceptions of history and present affairs.

"The Fly" is not interested in your opinions, unless of course you happen to know about certain takeovers.

With that being said, enjoy the rest of your holiday and get ready to roast some shorts, early tomorrow morning.

NOTE: I will have my trader/servant erase all political messages. Or, I'll have several hand grenades sent to blow up and sink your shitty country. Fuckers.

Just got back from caddying for my son at a golf tournament at Pinehurst and read this post. Hallelujah and pass the ammo. Happy 4th to all.
This was what my 4th was like.
I helped my son sell fireworks for the last 5 days!
Hey TC,
Did your son play #2?
Dugans is the best, along with the pinecrest inn.
Cheesefries- I've had the fish and chips at Dugans in the past and they are great and I've been inside the Pine Crest Inn in the past but never stayed there. We usually stay at the Manor Inn (with its slanted wood floors) which is adjacent to the Carolina. It was Arnold Palmers favorite place to stay.
Yes, he played No.2 (has played it about a dozen times over the years) and smoked it with US Open pin positions (not the rough though although it played over 7500 yds). He shot even 71 the last day and it was the 5th best score out of about 180 of the best in the world amateurs. He played with a guy from New Zealand and I forgot to ask if he knew Ducati. He said cheers after I said good putt or shot to him.
GS positive on HANS (& KO) this morning.....

"They are ahead of consensus forecasts for both HANS and KO and see opportunity for upward earnings revisions based on strong profit results in the quarter and an improved full-year outlook. For KO, continued strength in emerging markets, developed market recovery, and foreign currency could drive another quarter of solid concentrate business profit growth. For HANS, they expect solid continued growth for the energy drinks category and share gains by Hansen's portfolio to drive better-than-expected sales growth, albeit with some partially offsetting margin contraction. A 2H profit acceleration could be in store as Hansen benefits from price increases, the distributor transition, and new products."

Long: GS, HANS
ONNN loooks mighty good here as long as it remains over 50 sma.

HANS will be looking to expand its presence internationally and will execute in great magnitude.
ALTI may be looking to break out soon. Also PHLI looks very interesting. New sports/energy drinks are very innovative.
SMDI (Cup & Handle BO)
any opinions on HOKU or CPO ?

Ron Paul 4 el prezidente ! :)
Hope all had an enjoyable and safe 4th of July....Now, back to work you fucking grunts!

Fly, I hope you have a big-ass pot of oatmeal handy for today just in case.
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