Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Bear Attack

FLy, Dont shut your damn mouth, give it some exercise, Please let us know what you total share count is in MVIS, and your friends. I fucking promise i'll keep track of your goddam fly buys after that, its just so fucking goddam confusing with the fucking warrant conversion to know how many goddam mother fucking kick ass shares you own goddamit.
Hey fly on a bullish day you can show this clip.

jim let it go, holy fuck man, wtf difference does it make for you?
calm down jim. who cares?
I can't stop fucking laughing.
jermey, fuck off and go buy some metal, im all in MVIS, go fucking diversify
Hey NewEq!!! Quit front running me on EPD.
jim, eat a knob
thanks crude, nice one buddy.
jim (=cramer?)
guys, im just looking for the most important share count this board has, its the fly mans big holding, it the 64k ? If the fly mans tells me to go fuck myself, ill stop asking but defer to Jermey to fuck himself and I'll go away.
Jermey, go fuck with yourself, not me, and fuck yourself with all your extra knobs, new equity, no one fucking cares about you. Since you have not offended me, I'll only suggest not direct, that you fuck jermey with a strap on pig nose.
No offense seriously was intended in the above rant.
MVIS on sale today. Downside is .10.
no offense to the pig nose that is.
Hey Jim how many mf'ing shares of SHLD do you own?
serves them right for putting a muzzle and a leash on a wild animal, fucking idiots
Is Eddie still giving you the reach around?
I am ALL in MVIS, other that some dick head IRA that my wife wont let me go all in MVIS with, FUCK
jim you have been added to a heretofore unprecedented list of dumbasses I am sculpting.

You are entry #12,1254,231.

You are bested by my "ultimate phil" who was arrested for flipping off a cop, while he was jaywalking, because he didn't look at who was honking at him.

You're certificate is on the way.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I want one of those. All I have is a cat.
^supposed to read "...my friend, "ultimate Phil,"
gio, I can forward you a copy of his certificate, if that's what you're talking about.

The list is pretty impressive
Hey danny, arent you that fucker who sucks guest hosting?
I bet you are so skinny that you do colon inspection with without gear.
That was weak Jim, you gotta bring your A game son.

You want to know how many shares of MVIS the Fly has? Use the freaking search box and a calculator. It would take less time than all your bitching.
jim, do you inspect a lot of colons, but with gear? dude that is weird!
Jim, search the fucking blog bitch and do your own dd. Stop harassing the fly small dick.
jim, you should go off and bandage up that cut because there's definitely blood in the water now
Fly MVIS position around end of April was about 500K MVIS and 200K MVISW. Stopped tracking then since the adds were lite.
jim is the new jeff
Hey man, I want MVIS to succeed as much as everyone here, but I wouldn't bet my marriage on it...
new equity is a boy band bitch, but, he can suck his own dick which he thinks is a plus
Jim, search the archive to the post where he says exaclty how many shares he has in the comments. Then READ the flybuys after that with a calculator in hand.

I'd tell you how many, but what fun is that?
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.


You can search doing this:


add em up.

FWIW I did it once and came up with over 300K. And almost 100K warrants at the time. Fly said it was low.

It's a lot. His largest position.

That's all you need to know.
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