Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Biggie Smalls: Who Shot Ya?

Quick alert! -- The bears are about to get their shrivling balls chopped off today and their livers eaten today. Only a fucktarded asshat would be short in this market. I know fuckers that are short QQQQ's and Diamonds and just don't know what to do. COVER FUCKERS. By the way the post from "Sink Sink Socks" was from a bear that that has had his skull bashed in so much that he can't even speak right... The fucking bears are getting their testicles cut off, dipped in Jeri curl and southern deep fried. And for all of the fucktards that were bashing my stocks, how does it feel this morning sliding into that grease trap stew after being grizzled up. Huge backlog makes daddy happy. See you at the bank bitches.

Disclaimer: This is not an actual gappingandyapping comment, but is only submitted as a dramatization to maintain a fair and balanced blog.
I added your blog to my list on my website I was wondering if you could do the same. I love you blog...good stuff.

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Doug, we love you blog too!
Ass Pennies,

Check this one out. It's hilarious.


Scoping KLAC, SNDK, SIGM on pullback.

Any others?

and what if yhoo doesnt post good numbers? Is it a bad omen for mchx?
Dinosaur Trader

Very Good

I nominate for best of 2007-

Glad you liked it. I hate to be a link whore, but it was funny as hell.

Fly, looks like a 1" rib eye forming, possibly 1 1/8"

MVIS started as buy!!!!

let the coverage begin
Microvision Started At Buy, $7 Tgt At Canaccord >MVIS
Canaccord Adams initiates coverage on Microvision (Nasdaq: MVIS) with a Buy rating and $7 price target. The firm said, "We believe that Microvision is close to signing its first consumer electronics OEM, which would further validate the company’s business model and our growth expectations. As a result, we are initiating coverage with a BUY rating, adding the company to our Best Ideas list and setting a $7.00 price target
thank heavens Canaccord picked today for that note.

for the Cramer bi-radicals: I can't help but point out that Cramer's Monday video on op ex effects said there would be a serious down day by Wednesday of this week prior to the brokerages' Wed 2:30 assessment of options positions, and that he suspected the market would quite possibly move up after that time and that it would be a decent entry for your-favorite-liquid-stock, eg. AIG under 70, AAPL under 140, IBM under 110. fwiw.
Hearing rumors out there that MVIS is up due to lack of sellers, nobody is selling today.
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LOL--I thought you would have fallen off that wagon by now Crude--good one.
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