Friday, July 20, 2007


Bob Segar: Night Moves

Hairy Horse, you wouldn't be "litt up" off of 5 Coronas if you had eaten a 2.5 inch rib-eye instead of a 2 incher. Once again, you did it all wrong,. Amateur.
Crude's already on the jobsite. I have to admire the work ethic of you young shits. BTW thanks for the EPD. It's the only thing working besides the QID.
DO on fia.
why weren't we in ISRG?
Better question, Bruce:
WTF did I sell that shit thinking I was a genius a while back (sold at 120 watched it go down to 90 days later)?
Shit, that needed to be a core position. I am the opposite of God. That's why I read the Bible--this site.
To me MEE is looking like its forming a bottom...and is ready to move higher.
But of course it's based on useless technical analysis.
Does anyone have any idea about
CORS earnings or what is going on,
or did I miss a post about it?
Am I understanding this right...that CORS has 95% of the float sold short???

Float = 19.1 Million
Share Short = 18.14 Million
Short % of Float = 94.98%
Shares Outstanding = 56.25 Million
fly are you getting blown up in FRX or did you sell it? i'm not in but i've followed the company for the last few months.
I'm pretty sure he bought around 51, but I know that he could care a corn-can-fuck less about such trivialities as FRX's stock price. He already used his time machine to establish that in 2009 they will cure fibromyalgia, the debilitating condition affecting Bill, my almost favorite character from John from Cincinnati.

Crude, you pullin' a me this weekend?
Take a vacation fucker. The Internet fucktards will await your return..
Barron's notes some portfolio manager bought 25000 MER Aug 90 calls... "Nibble on the equity", as broker espouses, makes sense, but I'd guess that little crapshoot's gonna hurt. Probably paid over $1 on Wed or Thur for them. Dec calls, I could at least imagine. Why would a pro load Aug calls after Q2 earns already out?
jerome, he probably has a boat load of JPM puts or some shit like that
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