Thursday, July 12, 2007


Bull (Rambo) versus Bear (Helicopter)


look at MVIS go! lol!
sdu4 - feel free to post all your trades little weewee ... and when you're done with that; go back to playing with yourself

So, buying MVIS between $2-$4, over the last year, was not eventful or fulfilling?

Last time I checked, I'm up over 100% on my MVIS position.

Fuck off.
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For those who doubt the fly I started tracking some of his oft-mentioned picks. "buying" them at real prices perhaps the same day or a cpl days after he mentioned them. He is only down on ARWR and INSM. Manyare up substantially.

Nice job fly.

If you had a gun to your head would you still say buy OEH before the trigger is pulled?

co. today bot
ARWR 5.11 6.20
AZZ 40.76 37.55
BWLD 42.25 32.50
DLB 35.14 33.00
FMCN 51.40 37.00
HANS 44.81 38.00
INSM 0.77 1.00
LNN 44.60 33.00
MATH 1.80 1.63
NTRI 71.88 62.50
OEH 55.77 54.40
VLO 76.86 74.80
VMI 76.95 73.90
Thanks Cigar--

My cost is a lot lower on many of those names.
fly, I know you are up big time on MVIS, just teasing ya bro...I've been watching your website for about a year now.
Yes, I know. And these only go back a couple months. I found you after buying MVIS and doing further DD on it. You sure didnt tank my confidence in that one any...

Wish I could buy em all, but i've only gotten MCHX and MATH. MCHX cuz I have confidence you'll stick it to the shorts, and MATH cuz it looks like the founders know what they are doing and found a better faster way to do it. (I like the risky ones...)

I Want to buy one more of your favs..Stick with OEH? I'm tempted to play the VMI earnings you spoke of...
That was some powerful arrow! Anyone know who manufactures them?

dinosaur trader,

Cabela's :)

They're all made in SE Asia now a days.
Just in case you want to order some arrows to keep those bears away if your long.
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