Thursday, July 05, 2007


Closing Comments

Today was a slow, but eventful. With private equity on the prowl, again, it doesn't make any sense being short stocks.

With my money, I will continue to add to my OEH position. OEH was rumored to be bought out, many months ago. Additionally, the company owns many high end resort hotels in Europe and Asia-- with a few here in the states.

Without a doubt, OEH is a buy up to $60.

Also, the oils looks great here. Stick with VLO.

As for MVIS:

Well, the warrant conversion fiasco is about to end, tomorrow. I am hearing of many mix ups and confusion, particularly with Pershing clearing. Hopefully, everyone converts and doesn't get left with a worthless piece of paper.

I anticipate the stock will remain range bound, between $4.40-$5.00, until the company gets their fucking act together and inks a deal.

Naturally, waiting indefinitely for the magic bullet can be somewhat tiresome. Nonetheless, I am patient enough to see the bigger picture, which will inevitably result in a much higher stock price-- than today's $4.67 close.

Aside from that, I like the action in LNN, BWLD and AZZ, amongst many others.

Over the next month or so, I expect things to be slow and "The Fly" to become somewhat lazy. During the summer, I look to coast by with emphasis on preservation of capital (I am fully aware of the gayness of that statement).

These guys are a riot.
Scam city-- hilarious!
that video sucked hard
You know how I know you're gay? Because you've got a rainbow bumper sticker that says "emphasis on preservation of capital." That's how I know you're gay.

I will destroy your city.
Anybody want a $10 bet on MVIS hitting >7.5?
jeff. what is the time frame?
Hello everybody.
First post here.
Nice blog, Fly. Love it. I've been reading it for a while, I've now decided to participate to the discussions. Ok, enough bs.
Ok, here's my first comment.
MVIS: love it. By the way, here's my favourite "new digital interfaces" trio:
Video, Voice, Touch.
This is 6-10 times your money in 3 years.

Disclosure: I own all three stocks.
I've been in MVIS for 8 months, in NUAN for 1 year and a half, in IMMR for 2 months.
This is the future. Integrate gps and some technology from MRVL with a PicoP in a portable device (i.e. handset, headset, etc.). Information anywhere.
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