Friday, July 06, 2007


Closing Comments

The squeeze is on.

If you are so stubborn, unable to see the bullet zipping towards your head, listen to what "The Fly" is telling you now. Put away your "macro economics for dummies" book, and listen up:

Cover your shorts now and go long, before it's too late.

"The Fly" is rarely wrong on broad market moves, especially while properly caffeinated. I'll have you know, just today, I drank 3 green Monster Energy Soda's and one giant iced coffee, while blasting offensive music-- making the paintings on the wall vibrate.

Furthermore, I like this market so much, I am perplexed where to invest. I like everything.

Today, big dicked gains were found in the homebuilders, metals, oils, tech, retail and brokers.

With my money, I will try to stay focused and not spread myself too thin. During next week, I will buy BWLD, MVIS, OEH, VLO, EQIX, AEO, MATH and maybe some BXC.

Should the price of lumber break $300, I suspect lumber stocks will get a boost. Today, the price of lumber soared higher, up $13 to $297.

Additionally, with massive heat waves gripping the country, I expect to see blackouts. Now, there are plenty of infrastructure companies to choose from. However, I am partial to AZZ. If Mother Market loves "The Fly," she will let me buy the fucker on a dip.

Finally, if a shotgun were put to my head, in order to extract one stock pick, I'd say: "shoot me if you must asshole, but before you do, go long OEH."

2" ribeyes tonight?
Fly, I don't know what the ordinance is for Fireworks in the Brooklyn city limits.... but I could send you a nice selection of Mortar shots and various other night artillery... sure to get all of your neighbors attention.
The Fly sees lumber over $300, massive heat waves, and blackouts. Any idea when famine, the plague, and nuclear winter arrives? I am going into my cave after I stockpile it with beans and spam.
As much as I know you kick asses on the market, I feel differently on this market at this time. At least for the short time for next week or till the end of July. Bad vibes all around. Sold all long except MVIS which I will keep on a close watch to protect breakeven. I like your MATH play, thanks. Nice bottom forming. BWLD is a failed breakout and this makes it a clear short going to 36. But I recognize you're probably right again with this one so no need to send me fuck myself. :)

You sir are a bearshitter. Moreover, never question "The Fly," especially when the important matter of BWLD comes up.

When I was a teenage, a mortar blew up in my face, effectively eliminated all facial hair. However, the effects were temporary and left zero scars.
Blackouts are a certainty.

Short interest is at record highs. Too high to prevent a seasonal selloff unless something totally unexpected hits us out of the blue. As the bulls place their buy orders, they laugh at those who worry about rising oil, collapsing housing markets, and tightening credit conditions around the globe.

So, I expect the opposite of a seasonal selloff. I suspect the bulls will force the shorts to capitulate over the next couple of months resulting in a blowoff top, pushing the indices up another 10% or so.

That would set up "the mother of all corrections" for around October.
tech looks good for a continuing rally as money turns and rotates.

i wouldn't buy the borad market index funds, though --with the exception being QQQQ
Maggot, I had the same take on the market until today and will probably have it again after we correct 2%-4% short term. Short positions were at record highs also prior to the March correction. Same might happen here. Once this is done, then we'll get your blowoff top and mother of all corrections. The market needs a breather to stay healthy and it's just around the corner.

Fly, sorry for the offense of questionning BWLD. Here's a contest: If it hits 48, which is above resistance, you win, if it hits 38 which is below support, I win. BWLD is right in the middle of the range now so perfect timing. Will be back to admit defeat or claim victory. And I'll even bring my family to BWLD tonight to help you a bit. Good luck!
Ok chart chompers...any thoughts on PDLI. Not an expert with charts, but to me looks like a bottom is forming?
The Fly is right. VIX is too high (large PUT buying). Market will not tumble when everyone is calling tops. When people start feeling the market is bulletproof and start buying everything, then it falls hard. Right now leaders are continuing to lead stocks higher; when money starts overflowing into speculative stocks, then I'd be more cautious.

Finally, bears are counting on some catastrophic crippling pandemic to bring our market down. One powerful rebuttal to that weak argument is that the past two selloffs (one happened yesterday) in the Chinese markets had very little effect on US markets.

Now if you'll excuse me, enough with the economy, I have to go study some MATH this weekend.
I think I'm having ground beef tonight. Rather than big dicked gains, my stocks seem to return pool induced shrinkages.

Yeah, PDLI looks like a bottom, but keep it on a short leash with a stop just below $23. Although personally, I wouldn't buy until it showed a little bit of strength.

And yes, Broker A, I know stops are gay.
video late tonight. finally have internet, I feel like I've been liberated from connectile dysfunciton

Fuck you, I'm up 110% this year on BWLD.

Ask around.

Plus anyway, I don't make bets with internet people who call for "the mother of all drops."

Very, very fucktarded.
I have done my homework on MATH and I like it. As a guy with a background in IC/ microprocessor design, I think this new product line shows promise. The biggest concern/hump would be the support software that goes along with the new FPOA. I'd always find that going off to new vendors always required a learning curve on using their products. If they can market this thing and catch an purchase "order" from a big daddy company then watch out...
Do any of you have thoughts on LED plays such as CREE, NEXS, or OLED? I have been in CREE since shortly after CLRK was acquired by PHG and will likely be picking up some NEXS and OLED in the near future.

Specifically, do you think NEXS still has legs or do you think it has run its course for now?

For what it is worth, I work for an architecture firm and it is a good bet that the demand for LED lighting is going to see high growth.

Jeremy (the other Jeremy)
"I expect to see blackouts."

Check out
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