Monday, July 09, 2007


Closing Comments

Apparently, the "reduction" of my hair has helped my stocks. Believe me when I tell you, I am superstitious and believe all sorts of retarded things.

As for today's trading:

I believe the market will continue to melt up, especially tech. Also, keep your eye on the small caps. Thus far, the rally has been spearheaded by big cap industrials. I sense Mother Market will bless the small caps with "big dicked" gains. Hence, it makes sense being long MVIS, AZZ and MATH.

I hear some new positive chatter on ARWR. However, since my face was ripped off by the name, I put little credence in such "chatter."

Oil stocks pressed higher, again. Short term, I think the sector will take a breather. But, longer term, stocks like VLO, UPL, SU and GMRK go higher.

Looking at the homebuilders, I can't help but think they are too cheap. I mean, they have been obliterated and sentiment is hellish. Any good news can send the sector soaring. Plus, my chart guy says they are "hugging long term support lines."

Finally, I feel OEH and BWLD are must owns here, as fucktarded money managers scramble to own "what is working." Do not be discouraged by declines, while in bull mode. Instead, use it to get in cheap.

Also, MVIS is on its way to new highs.

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bullish ... for now.

Started small positions in LEN RYL today . Just feeling them out at the moment.
Consider XHB etf as the vehicle for that sector.
latest COT report released today has commercials with their largest net LONG equity futures position EVER ! That be waaay bullish.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, MVIS, been there before you, so as I said, speaking of metals, shut the fuck up and pay fucking attention to MMG.
Michal, your MMG looks great if you like blowing camel cocks. Take your shit somewhere else.
jefferson, bravo. that was a beautiful zing.

MVIS going to be in GM cars. Check out the link 2/3 of the way down. Isnt this big news????
The blowing camel cock put down... brilliant!
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