Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Metals

For all you know, "The Fly" could be some IBM super computer, who spits out stock picks, in order to help idiots from the internets make money. Sort of like some fucked up Gov't program gone astray.

For example: The amount of coin "The Fly" is banking on RS and AZZ today is just plain silly.

As you know, "The Fly" has put himself in a quiet period, regarding MVIS. Frankly, I have held your sweaty, clammy hands for too long with this stock. It's time for you to man up and get your own information.

Fuck with me a little bit more: I will track you down and have someone punch your chest hairs off. Then, I will hop into my time machine and kick your ass again, both in the future and the past.

Aside from that, I like the metals today, thanks to the CHAP buyout.

Look you, start listening to imbeciles like Ducati, with his $1.79 break up value price target on CENX, and your mortgage company will repossess your house. The metals are in play, own them.

Not only is AZZ a play on building and improving the electricity grid, but half their business is galvanizing. It's going higher.

Right now, NUE, IIIN, SIM, STLD, FCX, CENX and CRS look great.

In general, the market is well on its way to erase yesterday's sell off.

With my money, I will add to my OEH and VMI positions.


The play behind AZZ is why I enjoy reading the blog. Great ideas that make sense. Look forward to more "time machine" ideas.

"I will track you down and have someone punch your chest hairs off. Then, I will hop into my time machine and kick your ass again, both in the future and the past."


By the way, always long MVIS. As good things come to those who wait.
Fly, you are making the right decision to buy more MVIS, if I understood that correctly? If you need any advice, let me know.
Bear Stearns must own a crapload of MHP (McGraw-Hill, owner of S&P for the retarded) and has been punching that stock in the cock in retaliation for downgrading/threatening to downgrade the ratings on subprime debt. The last 2 days MHP has been off the cliff. Of course, every time this stock has sold off over the last 3 years it has been a buying opportunity.
I really really need to hear about MVIS. I have a payment due on the second mortgage I took out to buy MVIS and I raided my kids education fund to buy more. I'm doomed?
Not really.
Fly, you are the king of MVIS+
That's quite a fall from god to king.

Time to hit the road without wireless. You'll all be happy that I'm in a quiet period too.

Good luck fuckers.
Fucktard-Just remember to tell Hillary and the gang to stay away from the plumbers at the Watergate during your quiet period.
Whoever gave me TRT, nice call.
TRT? that was me! Now give me some juicy stuff on MVIS.
GROW.......low risk entry here ($2 down/$10 up).

Thank you for AZZ....& it finally looks like NYX may be back, I'm long since it was AX and have no plans to ever sell it.
check out SLM-halted
Better get your student loans quick
Regarding MATH: I beleive this is the field they are in--tho they seem to have a better/faster chip. This guy seems to think orders picked up in June-- for the competition anyway

Orders for programmable logic devices picked up in the second half of June, according to Bear Stearns chip analyst Gurinder Kalra. Kalra says the increase in activity has primarily come from the telecom market.

In a research note this morning, Kalra wrote that he now expects both Xilinx (XLNX) and Altera (ALTR) to report June quarter revenue in line with guidance, with the revenue upside from telecom offset by weakness in the European distribution channel. He says September quarter revenue should be up in the low single digits, in line with normal seasonality.
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