Thursday, July 12, 2007


Closing Comments

Today is tennis day for the family. Therefore, closing comments will be delivered a bit early.

While it's true, I feel like awarding the MVIS fuckers one big "Asshat Award," for being flat on a "mushroom cloud the shorts, then burn their house down" day. I will remain patient. However, it's worth noting, it's not easy for someone as hyperactive as "The Fly" to just sit and wait for news, while shit is flying through the fan--spraying short sellers.

Just like everyone else who is long, I had a monster day, with spastic moves in 75% of my holdings.

With fresh money, I am considering bulking up on the financials, particularly BSC or LAZ. Also, I will continue to press the shorts in MCHX.

That stock has $20 written all over it.

Finally, the only earnings play I am interested in, so far, is VMI.

Also, if MATH doesn't spike by late next week, I will sell my position.

Paul Singer increased his stake in PKTR and is agitating for a sale of the company. Any thoughts?

has VMI earnings date been announced? It's strange they havent set the date on their web site. Yahoo has July 18, but it may not be accurate.

do you know the date?
Not that I believe that chartist mumbo-jumbo, but so many others do that it is important to at least have some knowledge of it (ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy).

That said, the S&P 500 went through and closed above 1540 today, a key point. Quite a few times it has hit that and come back down. If you noticed when we crossed it, almost immediately we shot up to 1545 and closed above 1547.

This market is going higher. The Fly gave you guys warning a week ago. If you are still short, you need to cover now if you don't want your balls chopped off.
I am hearing the DOW will be bought for 20000. Nice premium, ha.
It that directed at me moron? Maybe you should short more RIMM.

Alphatrends is the best charter. He said just about what I did (he uses SPY).
SWC had a very nice rally today. This is a great entry for this incredible bullish stock. It can be compared to PCU 4 years ago. Both return 2000% (20 folds) in just 4 years. I have made a very strong case for SWC super bull. Do your own DD on palladium.

Look at this perfect chart

Google keyword "palla lunar" (one word no space). And follow the Russian enigma!
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