Monday, July 16, 2007


Closing Comments

Apparently, "The Fly's" luck or "magic dust" is running low. Additionally, my fucking time machine is on the fritz, in the shop getting repairs.

All day, "The Fly" got "housed," in a variety of dickless stocks, such as MVIS, MCHX, FMCN, BWLD, VMI, UPL and CORS.

However, it's worth noting, I did manage to punch a few of Minkow's teeth loose, via USNA.

All in all, it was a wretched day.

Now, I realize one day doesn't make a trend. And, I shouldn't worry about near term price fluctuations, if the underlying companies are bankable.

It's in my nature to make mountains out of mole hills.

So, with my money, I plan to do nothing. Instead, I will figure this "asshattery" out and resume throwing bagels with cream cheese at my trader/servant.

Finally, if the mood arises, I may buy FTK on this dip.

NOTE: Oil is for asshats.

NOTE II: I threw away two bowls of oatmeal today. Both were made with inferior oats and had too much cinnamon. True story.


Do you ever trade in after-hours?
Although CORS was down a bit, wasn't today the ex-div day for the $1 special dividend?
since the crack spread is getting slammed, I thought this joke would be appreciated:

What is the difference between a crack dealer and a whore?

A whore can wash her crack and sell it again.

Take that VLO. ZING!
Damn Boone, If I'd a known they washed that thing, I might've given 'em a spin!
good god, I hope they wash it
Danny, thats kind of like:

Why is prostitution such a great profession.

You got it - you sell it- you still got it.

Don't get me started Don't even get me started.
I love me prostitutes.
Fly's humor remains intact ... another down day & evil Fly may make a cameo

good joke D
There are plenty of evil commenters for The Evil Fly to mingle with.
Hang in there fly, that's what risk management is for anyway. It takes a big man to sit here and still be collected (I assume!) after a rough day. At least you know the shorts will only be more encouraged, eh?
PS Oil is for asshats, look at the COT
reading the COT is like shooting your face with buckshot
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