Thursday, July 19, 2007


Closing Comments

As you know, "The Fly" will be eating 2 1/2 inch rib eyes tonight, lightly peppered, heavily salted. As VMI rips the necks off the chicken sellers, I chuckle. However, it's worth noting, I am not laughing.

Since "The Fly" needs to drive one of his little ones to tennis lessons, I'll make this short.

The market is going higher. There, I said it. The cat is out of the bag.

With my money, I will buy more FMCN, NTRI, MVIS, LZ, MCHX and maybe TEF.

I've got the research flooding in and the "calculator brain" is working at a very high capacity.

NOTE: I just filled up my fucking time machine with some fresh plutonium.


Hope you paid for that plutonium. If not, keep an eye out for the Libyans, fucker.
There must be ”a very good reason” for all the tennis.
Google spankage
Not only the Libyans, but make sure your time machine can go 88mph.
Tonights Poem:

FMCN has slanted ads
Nutrisystem. Just a fad?

Then you got MVIS
When's the deal?
Its anyones guess

LZ is on a slippery slope
Shorted Marchex? You're a dope.

Then there's TEF
hope you speak spic.
But VMI rips necks off chix

the time machine
with fresh plutonium
14,000!? It's pandemonium!

dont know if you should
laugh or cry?
don't you worry-youve got the fly!
and just thrown in
for one quick bonus

If you haven't yet,
Buy some Sonus!
Hi Fly,

I'm a newbie, so I'd appreciate your opinion. FMCN and JADE are in the same boat. JADE's another Chinese company that NASDAQ just sent a letter to telling them they're going to be delisted and their stock's plummeting. JADE's appealing, but if NASDAQ doesn't grant their appeal, does that mean I'd lose my entire investment because I couldn't trade or sell JADE's stock?

Thank you,

It doesnt disapear for godsake. it move from the nazdaq to "the pink sheets". you can still trade it.

Unless it's on margin, then you may get a margin call from some brokers.
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