Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Closing Comments

Today, "The Fly" was busy punching Minkow's face off, like a speed bag, melting USNA higher. I never posted my USNA position, due to secrecy. However, if you had half a brain, or IQ north of 88, you'd know I wouldn't waste my time writing this-- for no reason.

Just know this, the squeeze is on and Minkow should be going back to jail, God willing, shortly.

Aside from that, I had a very nice day, with retarded gains in AZZ, OEH, RS, FMCN, NYX and USNA.

Also, it's worth noting, I am as pissed as Pujols for missing the run in SMSI.

Generally, the market is back on track. I anticipate strength for the remainder of the week and intend on buying an internet stock. Clearly, the sector is killing shorts.

Today, in the internet sector, large gains in APTM, TRFX, REDF, SOHU, SIFY, VSCN, IGLD, RATE and SYMC were abundant.

I know some of you have been "mushroom clouded" in ARWR. For what it's worth, the fuckers who keep me informed tell me "news should be day's away."

We shall see.

As for MVIS:

I do not want this blog to be a fucking message board for the stock. "The Fly" is a lot more than just MVIS. Just know and understand, I feel the stock is cheap and would bet one of my kidney's it trades significantly higher, by Labor Day.

Finally, I sense the bears were caught flat footed by today's rally. Look for stocks with big short positions, like USNA, CORS or MCHX-- then consider buying them. My sense, the bears capitulate sometime this weak and get kicked down a flight of stairs, by some asshole drinking florescent green energy soda.

UPDATE: AEO just blew away same store sales estimates. You're welcome, fuckers.

UPDATE II: Small lumber wholesaler, JCTCF, is ripping higher in AH's. Thinking about BXC.

I had a nice bowl of oatmeal today in your honor.

Let's see if it works tomorrow....
You win again
AEO is trading where it was a couple weeks ago, big friggen deal. You're starting to sound like Jim Cramer with your unfounded bragging.
Fly, take a look at SFLY . . . i'm long as of today, chart looks great

Congratulations on another oatmeal-free, winning day.

As a matter of celebratory protocol, RUTH looks to be the "rib-eye" pick for tonight.

Go fuck a can of corn.
Comparing "The Fly's" picks with Cramer's is like comparing Jeremy's cock to Peter North's . . . .
By the way, clean breakout on AEO. When the stock hits $35, I will remind Jeremy of his sins.
Hey fly do you like Kex ahead of the numbers? or is it too rich here?
KEX is good.
Thanks for sticking it to Minkow! The prick should be locked up under the jail.
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has the BXC knife stopped falling?
stockhead....I am with you on RUTH, went long @ 17.25 Tuesday after my great dinner there (with increased prices) Monday and had a long wait at 7 on a Monday. That, and I grew up around the corner from the original and my 1st job was serving......even though they moved to Orlando after Katrina, they still rock. I like this for a good trade.

I thought today when I checked quotes about offering a RUTH's ribeye to the Fly as a sacrifice for his continued success......

USNA....I love the "sleepers". When the title of Fly's post is addressed to wrecking one man...take heed fellow fucktards, he has a special laser designed for shorts.

I am also long SWIM as of 9 am CST today....I like the model.
Yeah, Ruths moved the coporate headquarters just down the road from where I live. They just opened a new restaurant near the headquarters. They got a mixed review in the Orlando paper. Although the food was good the staff kept pushing the add ons and you might have to tap your home equity line to pay for it.
I love RUTH's
Speaking of large short positions, what about CROX? Ugly shoes, but apparently, millions of people buy them. They had a big run recently though.
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