Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Crude Broker Wins/ Baked Balls

I just got back from a late night, suspicious, drive. Undoubtedly, my neighbor's think I sell bricks of cocaine. Plus, on top of that, I fucking hate them and it shows.

Well, if you have fucking eyeballs in that stupid head of yours, you can see Crude Broker won the election.

Frankly, I feel you (the internet leech) have become soft and would vote in Ducati, if given the chance. I can't remember the last time you assholes fired someone. This, as you know, is unmanly like crox shoes or pink homo ties.

In other news, I look forward to "baking Minkow's balls" tomorrow, via short squeezing USNA.

Good night, fuckers.

Should I Shitcan Crude Broker? [112 votes total]

Yes (44) 39%
No (68) 61%

salty balls, an old classic.

john from cincinatti is fucking sick, btw. Shaun is a better surfer (goddamn!) than skater, however. I would fucking school him. But then again, he is 13.

crude can't pad himself with a choice BWP vid, so he's gonna have to voodoo dance VLO higher, or som'tin. God speed crude, godspeed.
cincinnati ice.
I think he was voted in because nobody is left. Its like the retreat from Gettysburg. The only thing left is a battlefield littered with corpses.
Holly shit Boone Pickens probably fucked Becky Quick. What the fuck else would you do on a 15 hour trip?
Quick Pickens, Becky Boone, sitting up a tree, %#&*@#%

Now why would she do a thing like that Gap?

ya think?
Becky's got a nice caboose.
hey fly, how is that ball roast of USNA shorts coming? LOL...

it's easy to sit there like a bitch and LOL at USNA now that the market is open. You would have earned some respect if you LOL'd at it premarket.
hows that short squeeze treating ya?
Sdufour & newequity- more anonymous dicks trying to knock the anonymous calculator brain off the top of some unknown hill. Can't we all just get along fuckers?
we are getting along, taking pot shots at one another is what friends do.
T.Boones trip to China will mark top in crude. Short VLO,XLE at will.
I have a ton of respect for T. Bone Pickens. However, I think he made a bad call by taking B. Quick in the G550, the BBJ has a private room with a bed in it, the G550 does not. Amateur.
Dan, on USNA I noted the GT news in the comments last night. Real companies don't get fired by Grant, period. Either USNA brings in one of the Big 4 or they are headed lower.
wow usna getting hit hard
Here's a short squeeze candidate: BRLC, LCD HDTVs, 39% short. Just raised '07 rev estimates, collected $130M past due from large customer ('07 revs $1.1-$1.3B) that had been a source of fear, headed for strong season for LCDs/HDTV. Stock's still pretty beat down.
None of you punks made any comments on USNA last night. It is easier to look at pre-market/open. Shut up and leave. Idiots are not needed. In addition, if you would have bought when Fly mentioned it you would have banked coin prior to earnings. Lets see your earnings pick this week and how well you do????
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