Thursday, July 12, 2007


Fly Buy: MCHX

I bought 15,000 MCHX @ $15.72.

Disclaimer: If you buy MCHX because of this post, you may become victim to a short squeeze. And, you may lose money.

Damn Fly, you just placed the biggest buy blocks of the day for this stock. Not to mention it was for about 33% of the shares traded so far.
I know.

But the volume will pick up. Huge short position in this one. Looking for a squeeze.

I'm sure you're already know about this...but wanted to know your thoughts on the plays off of this.
Fly, You wouldnt be the one thats going to start the short squeeze would you? ;o/

What's up with that IGNMF you spoke of? Does it actually trade zero shares some days? Man, if it's in the Iphone it must be the worlds best kept secret..did you grab any? didnt see you post it.

I own 100k worth of the stock on the LSE:

The OTC version that you refer to trades by appointment and is rarely updated.

It has not been announced that their chips are in the iphone, for AAPL makes their suppliers shut the fuck up.

However, people have hacked into the iphone software and saw Imagination's chip name "MBX" in the code.

"rarely updated?" I'll say! IGNMF trades for $2.97???.

How do I buy shares on the London exch? Scottrade doesnt even recognize the img.l symbol.

Guess I could give them a call. I take it you are going to hold thru their earnings, at least?

You familiar at all with SONS? It's my largest position. They are taking over the VOIP world. This stock will start to rip after this Q earnings --and beyond. If they ever complete their friggin options review that is..

You heard it here first! Unless you didnt....
Broker A......wish I could buy some

09:05GMT 09July2007-Imagination Technologies up on Apple link -analyst
Shares in Imagination Technologies , which develops and licenses technology in areas such as graphics for mobile phones, rise 5.1 percent on analyst talk a licence agreement it signed with an unnamed electronics company
-- announced after the market closed on Friday -- is with Apple Inc . "We believe there is a high probability the company is Apple. We postulate that Imagination's graphics intellectual property is being used in Apple's new
iPhone product," brokerage Jefferies analyst David Chan said in a note. This is the first deal Imagination has signed with an end-user of its technology, rather
than a chip maker, a company source said.
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