Friday, July 13, 2007


Fly Buy: MCHX

I bought 2,000 MCHX @ $15.55.

Disclaimer: If you buy MCHX because of this post, your wife will make you sleep in the guest room. And, you may lose money.

Broker - your thoughts on HANS and the buyout rumors?
Fly's time machine is fixed...
80,000 grand, a couple of "YO" bets before the weekend.

Crude bring your A game. I presume we'll spend the weekend in the oil patch.

you bring your A game, and I'll bring my shotgun...would like your best stock pick
Does ARWR look like it is basing here to anyone?
Fly, what's the fucking problem? Call me a "stupid fuck" for adding NEU and saying thanks.
RIMM is trying to give us the YO today....

Crude, can you provide a way to contact? I have info on Blackbeard you might want to share....MMR related, per a discussion with James Moffett....aka Jim Bob. Either way, I 'd like to get your insight.
market slowly moving up. This is a good day, loved the slow choppy open - I was worried that's we'd gap up 100 points and then sell off.
Hans buyout rumor? Is it in print?
can't be too serious if the stock is down.

Thanks for the mchx buy fly. keep squeezin their paper mache balls!

I reckon the Fly has every right to tell you to go fuck yourself any time he pleases for any reason. Hell, he might tell me that right now. So deal with it; it's his website

When you said "head and shoulders" and "adding," I assumed you were selling short.

My trader/servant would like to apologize to you, on my behalf.
Harry the Horse,
You're absolutely correct.

You think I would go against "The Fly" and "Mushroom" myself. I said "possible" but I added anyway..
Brent, the fly is nervous about his operation next week. He is going in for a penis enlargement procedure.
Hey Brent I think MPEL is a huge buy here what do you think?
mdawsz said...
Brent, the fly is nervous about his operation next week. He is going in for a penis enlargement procedure.

Why, Mdawsz not big enough for u....He is fucking you when you short the market......
MPEL Sucks....
CRME heart drug does seem like a sure thing looks good....
Just crossed the 50 sma. Needs to firm above $14 which is also its primary DT line. Opening was anticlimatic (casino not being ready) and delay of "City of Dreams" is priced in the stock. I think its cheap and will probably add if it breaks above $14.

ARWR looks like it may be forming a bottom trading range between $4.75 and $5.25, that or resting before it plunges to zero.
I like ACEL and AKRX currently. I just hit one on DSTI. Hi ho MVIS.
long live MVIS!
dogwood agreed. I hate to chart chomp but on a 6 month chart the MACD is showing a very bullish sign of a base.

Brent: I think the resistance is around 13.90 or so from what I had seen previously. I would get really bullish if that breaks and they meet or beat. But if they beat their meat I would sell it.
It's the typical Friday afternoon buying in mvis. People speculating on a Monday news release. Five weeks in a row, check it out.

GnY: "But if they beat their meat I would sell it."

LOL, this is the first rule in trading 101.

Fetch me the Friday MVIS stats.

I'll wait.
Then kick him down the steps like you do...I enjoy that......

Any thoughts on whether there's another bear hug awaiting that cocksucker Minkow. USNA looks like shit today
Being long USNA requires balls of steel.

That's why I will not disclose my position, buys or sells.

It's for closers, only.
fair enough
Fly, here are the stats you requested.
MDAWSZ is that poop under ur finger nail...Christ on his throne wash those dirty dick beaters....
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