Thursday, July 05, 2007


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 5,000 MVIS @ $4.70.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, the good news you want may never come to fruition. And, you may lose money.

Does buying more MVIS here remind you of Roy McAvoy in Tin Cup asking for the 3-wood again?

I think it's the only club in my bag too.
get rich or die trying
I'm in for one more plunge.
Either you define the moment or the moment defines you.
Damn fly. Still adding to a 400K position? I love your confidence. As one who hasnt sold a share, how about sharing your latest info? I'll cut you a nice fat Montecristo No 2 and send it to ya. You seem like a real man who might enjoy it. Or at the very least you can grind it out on the forehead of your trader/servant. It's a great motivator!

I'm picking up more MVIS tomorrow. Was busy F-ing around seeing if Airvana is worth getting on the IPO.
Large chatter that fly no own/add to MVIS

you are saying street chatter is that fly does not really own MVIS? He spends his days making up posts about his buys, making up rumors, and listening to imagined CC's? So I imagine he realy has been shorting since the high 1's, thus has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Is that why all he can afford to eat is oatmeal?

Thanks for the keen insight, anonymous internet king. Tell us more!
Broker A has proven himself you have not so fuck a hole like an asshole fucken chimp.....
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