Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Fly Buy: UPL

I bought 3,000 shares of UPL @ $58.25.

Disclaimer: If you buy UPL because of this post, the next time you go swimming at the local lake, an alligator will join you. And, you may lose money.

WHO WRITES that crap for Bernanke? From his awkward delivery, I would wager it's not himself.
Got the fuck out of MVIS on a small profit. Not moving and I don't like the chart. Good luck with it Fly and BWLD also!
As bad as he was it was even more painful to listen to that one broad ask a twenty minute question about whether he'll allow full access to some historian ten years from now. She should be beaten as a warning to other dumb-asses.
fly-- in a buying mood today?

how much oatmeal have you consumed so far today?
- not enough -
Russell is taking it up the corn hole today.
more oatmeal! hurry!
"My sense, let the market go down triple digits, then nibble like a rat on cheese."

nibbled on EPD, VSR, SKNN
..not satisfied yet.

I'm taking it up the corn hole today. Holy crap.
Erin Burnett practically creams her panties when the market is down 100 points.

What a blithering idiot.
Broker - I owned UPL from '02 to '06. It is the single best gainer ever my portfolio. The are very well managed and have massive reserves underfoot.

I have not followed them since. Do you feel they will break out of the range they have been in? M&A news?

I'd love to hear what you think about UPL. Kind of like running into an old friend at the barber shop.

Dont forget to put sunscreen on your newly bald head.

DNA getting good positive flow on market decline. Earnings tommorrow (in PM I believe). Maybe its price is washed out. SMH hanging tough.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reporters would rather cover a train wreck, that was carrying kittens, on fire, leaking mustard gas, with people in the streets dying than cover a revitalizing story like the cure for cancer. Same goes for CNBC.
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