Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Fly Buy: VMI

I bought 1,000 VMI @ $74.34.

Disclaimer: If you buy VMI because of this post, your neighbors dog will eat your parsley plant. And, you may lose money.

I apologize for an off-topic question. What do you guys think about "Interactive Brokers"? Would appreciate any input.
You referring to the stock? IBKR? If so, looks shitty, I don't think there is a market for the average public buying some weird interest rate in the Netherlands market, or some creepy butterfly option in Hong Kong, there are tons of ways to make money sticking with the US markets. Fucking foreigners. Plus, it's run by a guy named Thomas Peterffy. I don't like the sound of it.
Crude - let me apologize: I should have been more clear. I meant "Interactive Brokers" discount broker site: www.interactivebrokers.com. I am thinking of switching brokers for trading, and was wondering if someone has had experience with them.
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Buy all youcan afford at these cheap prices. I bought another 500 at 24. Great company and crude has not done his dd.
IB is a great brokerage, Minimum $1 trades on stocks and options. Great for futures also.
New: frankly, your endorsement of IB scares the fuck out of me. Next thing you know, their CFO disappears without a trace, and the company goes down in flames after "an unintentional accounting error". I guess I'll have to find another broker now.
Well, if I recall, in the most recent Smart Money magazine, I believe TradeKing was rated number one, Scottrade number two. I suggest those two. Also, if you have any crazy fucking questions, Scottrade guys are the best.

NewEq, sounds like you are bottom fishing on that IBKR, hope your stops are tight, plus their website is fucking slow.
my $0.02...Scottrade.
kmorph - Great setup on newequity the douchebag who's featured here

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you fuckin moron, who wants to pay $5 at tradeking per trade. go with IB you fuckin douchbags.
Cheap trades aren't always a good thing, unless you are a daytrader. If you are, you might as well jump off the seventh floor of your office building. Pay up a little bit for good customer service. i.e. Scottrade. Considering we are all money making magicians here, what is $1,000 or so for the commissions during the year? Drop in the bucket for you NewEq.
Discout brokerages are for fucktards. However, I may be a bit biased.
My new Smart Money is at home by the shitter, was IBKR even mentioned in it as one of the top seven? Somebody go buy one.
We can't all afford a seat on the floor like you Fly!
i like schwab, but admittedly it would suck if I didn't get all the benefits I get because my parents store there money there too.

that douche commercial was another classic. I am awash in douche commercials thanks to you jefferson, and mdawsz.

--Honey, you smell great!
---That's my vagina
Jefferson: funny, funny shit.
Thanks to everyone for the input. I have some more research to do.
I'd nominate NYX for shotgun-to-the-head long pick
Crude, I have spent over $2000 in commissions this year/ It would be $7000 if I was using Scottrade. IB lacks in the customer service dept and is for experienced traders like myself only.

Traders like you are fucktarded asshats.
Well, to each his own I guess, I was just giving advice. I on the other hand need the customer service, big time. Before I place each trade I have to call and ask "what does buy mean?" and sometimes I ask "why does it say, you just sold 1,000 shares of XYZ?" and why does it always say "no suffcient funds for this order?"; "these charts I'm looking at are going the wrong fucking way, put Roger Riney on the phone please"
when I do a complicated trade, I don't want some joe-schmoe I have to teach to read a chart.
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