Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Fly Sell: GMXR

I sold 2,000 GMXR @ $34.74.

check out NSTK, dummies. They just got 2 key patents approved and the stock is ruuuuunnnning.
Hairy Horse, I'm not sure if you are new to this site or not, but you need to tell us about NSTK BEFORE the 9% move up. What do we do now? Buy it so it will be down 5% tomorrow?
actually that's a fair point, crude. So I would buy it now. This will be 22 by year end. Go ahead and save this post.
MBRX chart setting up as good short here.
flyesque, are you serial? Why would you short a stock that has dropped 56% in one day and is now trading at 3/share?

Me thinks the bad news, whatever it was, is priced in.
hahaha, nice zing shed
Oh shit, I was looking at yesterdays chart.
I have to agree with flyesque, todays move in MBRX is just noise.
sndk @56 God that looks good.

Danny- how bout GE... why stocks do the things they do- go figure.
hey needle dicks, go to the beach

NSTK 20% short pos

Cramer is rec'g it .. he got it from his friend Bill Fleck
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