Monday, July 16, 2007


Fly Sell: VLO

I sold 1,000 VLO @ $77.10.

*what is going on in this market? very weird....
Broker do you expect a lift in the Russell to follow this move in the other indices?
Just loaded up on ANTP. Due your DD on this one.
vlo getting shit all over left and right, but still no break down through the 20 day. it's held that line since Jan. Oh well, VLO can go eat some cantaloupe.
Any opinions on the IMMR downgrade?
Buying CSCO. Bought more AA.

Following the (Spartan) generals.
Go ANTP.. fuck yes. I just cleared over a $1 heavy.
BIOS, NMGC look pretty good. wait for pull back or scale in.
Nice job of posting Peter Worden's picks from TeleChart, brent.

I am curious of why so many of you are filled with hate for others on this board? You faggots post no picks, no positive information yet you continually bash others. Don't you get tired of that shit? Christ.

Brent did you buy any MPEL on the break above 14?
gap, no one hated brent, just pointing out that his picks are ripped off.
TSO looks like shit. The last rally from the end of June to about July 10 ended with a lower high. It's now trading thru the 50 DMA. Distribution going on big time. Probably a very well timed sell with VLO.
Gap, yes.. watching closely.
I take it you are selling or sold MATH broker?
not yet.
Maggot, Many would say it usually is wise to sell the refiners after their spring time gains and they start showing signs of weakness. I sold half my WNR on Thursday. As for your "I'll just buy the XLE comment", that makes no since to me considering if nat gas and oil go to $0, your XLE will look like shit, while my BWP, EPD, and PAA will sit there and make me money.
If nat gas goes to $0, it sitll has to be shipped right? People will still use it. Your shower water doesn't just magically heat up. I thought I explained this?
Is SIRI for real, finally? Also, broker you used to have GLBC, I think. Still do? Notable Calls highlighted Jeffries note from last Fri, saying GLBC should be decent buy.

Obviously you have not been here very long.
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