Saturday, July 14, 2007


Good morning to you, the creepy internet stranger.

After "banking coin" on many of The Fly's picks, in some fucked up way I wanted to give back to this site. So, I gave out my HLT play. It happened too fast. I wish I would have had a few days to push it more. Then, it was no coincidence that I mentioned I would have another play, and the day after I posted EPD, the volume was the highest it has been since September of '06. However, I would have liked a little more price action. These things come and go.

No surprise here, you might say. This city slicker is going to talk to us about oil and energy, again. To that I say, well yes, yes I am so fuck you. I got hired, you didn't. You want to make money right? It would be almost retarded and reckless for me to come on this notable, and award winning site just to guide you into an equity or sector in which you lose your lunch on. The Fly would surely give me the boot on such "asshattery". Plus, I am happy to say that I am the first weekend blogger to my knowledge that will cover the energy sector that does not want my readers to have a sledge hammer to the face (note comments section).

I want you to make money. When you make money, you are supporting the economy. You will be eating more BWLD, and using more energy. In turn, making me richer. Funny how that works. Me, making money off of you, the creepy internet stranger.

I may very well just give you a little pep talk on why you should value past, present, and future information on this site, with your life. Then, I will go into a little bit about how oil and the whole energy sector can make you fucking rich.

Disclaimer: If you listen to my recommendations you might________________?

What was the ticker again? :) Just kidding. Personally I see some upside in oil to 80ish but I want to hear your opinion on Natgas. Are we stuck at 6 or are we going to move up later in the summer? What are your thoughts there? I think the sector has more upside potential.
All fine and dandy, but your apostrophe is fucking backwards, your quotations are backwards and you have a notable spelling error.

What the fuck?

I'm curious how you made your quotation marks so retarded looking.

Other than that, nice post.
You are trying to hard to use all of the Fly's buzzwords. Let's hear things how you would say them, and not how you think the Fly would say them.
Great start, Crude.

For the record, I purchased EPD on your rec...

Looking forward to more.

Get In The Van- your post was a carbon copy of Broker A's typical post.

Crude I want see a Birth Certificate, I got 5 shares of Novastar that says your over 47.5
Fly, I didn't even notice that, weird stuff. I fixed them and you are a picky boss.

Van, my Fly buzzwords were quoted for a reason. Also, I did it so you could understand and follow. I have never used the word asshattery in my life.

Bill, way younger.
good post, bought epd thx to you...

what you guys think about HOKU? this thing's been on fire for the past month now. their earnings call is on july 24th.

does it still have more juice???
You know palladium? The growth potential is EXPLOSIVE once the Russian run out of their stockpile soon! Pay attention if you have no idea of palladium. Great opportunities will always be recognized by the fewest people!

The SWC strike will end next tuesday, sending stock price up! They are the ONLY PGM producer in the US. One can expect a HUGE return in a few years due to the palladium super bull, which few have any idea! Russians will run out of stockpile soon, and the metal will be spiking explosively!

Read my discussions of fundamentals of palladium.
In the land of Fucktard, all asshats speak the Fly dialect as their mother tongue. It makes us all sound rather FLYesque. When I can leach a good profit from the weekend blogger, the accent does not distract.

Good job Crude. Like your EPD so far, keep them coming. How about APC?
I liked the KOTH link. Also, you were the first to respond to Kidstocks ritardations--and my god--was he ritarded. That dude fell off the face of the earf, I practically forgot he was a source of humor for us all. Look forward to the next post, but perhaps there is a stock I could be interested in?

By the way I bought 1,000 calls off your EPD rec, and now they're foreclosin' the houseboat and confiscatin' my sea-doo. Fuck you.

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I am glad for the future of our kids that Danny is majoring in accounting and not as an English educator.
did you know that "spelt" is a word, as is "spelled?"
No, but thanks for the info. I'll try to work it into a brief if I ever go back to the lawyer business.
Hey look it's mini-Fly

Good job. Nice grammar, syntax, style, literary license, etc.

I renewed my vows on EPD and bought it again, thanks to you....had owned it and sold it about six months ago.

Was that a Browning in Kerry's hands? Damn, I thought he was with the anti-gun lobby. He could pass for an NRA poster child.
All I know is, it was loaded, and he had his finger on the trigger while not in the process of shooting. Avid hunter, regular genius.
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