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GZA, RZA, Method Man: Living In The World Today

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July 6, 2007

The squeeze is on.
If you are so stubborn, unable to see the bullet zipping towards your head, listen to what "The Fly" is telling you now. Put away your "macro economics for dummies" book, and listen up: Cover your shorts now and go long, before it's too late. "The Fly" is rarely wrong on broad market moves, especially while properly caffeinated. I'll have you know, just today, I drank 3 green Monster Energy Soda's and one giant iced coffee, while blasting offensive music-- making the paintings on the wall vibrate.
Furthermore, I like this market so much, I am perplexed where to invest. I like everything.
Broker A said...
It'll make my stocks go higher. Watch.

11:41 PM
Hey Fly, what's your thoughts on the whole BRLC thing over the last two days.

VMI should be on your list for a stock that goes from $80 to $120.
The Fly" showing signs of mvis fatigue (Not rated) 4 minutes ago Those of us that have owned MVIS for a long time will know that a huge market rally like today does not translate into a MVIS rally, nosireebob, in fact, often when the market rallies, MVIS shares are known to decline (not sure why). Anyway, looks like "The Fly" is getting tired of waiting:

We need news.

go MVIS!!!

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Found this today over on Yahoo!

The Enemy?

The whole $80-$120 thing by Cramer is ridiculous. He should be arrested for espousing such views.

BRLC seems cheap. I might buy some.

Whoever posted that about me and MVIS is correct.

I'm getting fucking antsy with this MVIS shit already.

I know it's long term, but geez.

I got stocks flying off the handle now. How long does Tokman expect a Fly to wait?
Hey Fly,
I think it's time to buy MOT. If any stock has bottomed this has. Man after a really, really shitty news this shit is up 13 cents. I say fucking bottom is in, this shit will be up big in next 6 months.
great song choice
Are you thinking of selling some of your MVIS?

Do you think I should move back some of my Sept option calls to Dec?

We're with you all the way with MVIS.

COOL was on fire!
Tokman Discusses PicoP™ Projector: SID Daily News, June 7, 2006

Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc
Can I interest anybody here in a long position in WFMI?
Of course, you all will remember that I ate a large bowl of oatmeal in The Fly's honor yesterday....
After thought

LOL @ WFMI post


MY tax attorney is one of the largest shareholders in COOL. I know all about it.

Icahn is going to skin the fuckers from MOT alive. You may be right, but MOT is a very long term hold.

I have not sold any MVIS, yet. I will make some strong efforts to get a better feel for the stock, over the next week.

If I decide to sell, I'll let you know. I won't hide it, like many of you think I will. That wouldn't be right.

In short, let me do some digging.
fly, you better hope it hits $6 by labor day hahahaha.
Hey Fly - maybe you've addressed this question somewhere but why aren't MVIS company insiders stepping up to the plate? You own about 50 times as much stock as Tokman and I own more than the rest of them and that ain't saying much.
Here we go. I knew this would happen. I sense some jitters. This is when a stock can psychologically fuck you up. You're getting the sweats, the chills, yelling at your wife and checking the MVIS chart every 20 minutes as you hear the market is roaring. You look around and every other position is minting money, hand over fist. Nothing has changed with MVIS, it is just in the same waiting game it has been in. If the market was down 300 points today, the sentiment here would be, "gee, I'm glad I own that good 'ol MVIS! Thank you much FLY!" It will be interesting who holds for the real gains. Aymon, those Dec $5.00s (.UWDLA) are a steal at $1.00.
i know it will rip higher, but im kind of excited to see fly eating bwld at the end of august.
"The Fly" doesn't get jitters. He makes wise decisions, always.
Fly, I know you pay little credence in chart chompology, but she's screaming to me that MVIS is preparing for a substantial move higher, much like the price action in early to mid-May.

Volume has also been drying up, which supports the bullish case.

If she breaks $4.50 on decent volume, then this conclusion takes a flying leap down the closest flight of stairs.
Broker you keep that kidney of yours.

I call on a Chinese Restaurant, the managers are all hooked on CNBC and the market. I told them last week they need to buy FMCN,OEH,-- I now eat for FREE.

I'm hearing good things about TIF any thoughts?
aged MVIS is better than regular MVIS, just like rib eyes
Does anyone know earnings date for MVIS? Would they wait until it's closer to earnings date to make the contract announcement?
Broker, I know where your "robster" dealer got his start:

Chopped cardboard, softened in an industrial chemical and made tasty with pork flavouring, is a main ingredient in batches of steamed buns sold in a Beijing neighbourhood, state television said.

Yum, pork-flavored cardboard, it's dericious.
"Rahodeb said... Can I interest anybody here in a long position in WFMI?"

anyone in on the nmx buyout? Eric Bolling and Guy Adami said it with such conviction on Fast Money.
How was Tennis? Are you any good?
Don't care what everyone here thinks about BRLC but I got an Olevia TV a few weeks ago when my power company secretly forgot to arrest a surge and it blew out my last CRT. I was actually hoping to replace it and left it off a surge protector. Let me tell you they make some good ass shit for the price. I paid $550 for a 36" LCD at Circuit City and it looks awesome. Plus you can upgrade the firmware via USB. Has HDMI input and VGA as well. Bottom line I bought some BRLC this morning at $5.45. Not a ginormous position but big enough to make a difference. I expect it to rise as long as they don't issue another secondary. Too many $15 targets for me to ignore. Take it for what its worth. I also think MPEL is too cheap here as well now that they have Playboy on their team in Macau. Just my thoughts.
And one more thing, BRLC is about 45% short, wowzas!

Last thought here: Jessica Biel is hot as fuck!

Any thoughts on AA?

Now that RTP is buying AL, fellow miner BHP is not going to be outdone.

BHP most likely will not make a rival bid for AL. I think they may go after AA. The cultures are very similar. I say AA goes on the block for at least $60.
MVIS: Remember, this is not a well known stock and may not move with big market buy programs such as today. At this point, this is a news driven stock which has basically doubled in the last few months. A little consolidation is healthy and normal IMO. I have been waiting for this to start scaling in on some cheap option plays. On a side note, a senior exec in MA at Motorola has never heard of them. This guy would be in the know if there was something in the works, which wouldn't suprise me since they haven't been innovative in years.
From the Yahoo Message Boards MVIS Page: "Chart says we are close to news, very close."

Fucking people are idiots.
SWC had a very nice rally today. This is a great entry for this incredible bullish stock. It can be compared to PCU 4 years ago. Both return 2000% (20 folds) in just 4 years. I have made a very strong case for SWC super bull. Do your own DD on palladium.

Look at this perfect chart

Google keyword "palla lunar" (one word no space). And follow the Russian enigma!
Just a pre-market note for all oil service followers: HAL was raised to outperform but BHI just came out with an earnings warning. HAL went from up 1.50% in pre-market to down 1.3%. VLO has been acting poorly lately. Higher oil doesn't always result in higher net to the services and drillers (it should but doesn't always when the cos are priced for perfection).
T Boone Pickens hates the people on CNBC. Why is he sitting that way? His testicles are damn near hanging out.
Wait, nevermind, scratch that, T Boone just invited Becky "Quick" to China with him on his G550. There are things that he needs to take care of on that long flight.
He was just teasing Beckey Quick, Old wrinkly balls get her all hot and bothered.
Crude or anyone with GOM knowledge - do you know anything about Energy XXI Bermuda LTD (EXXIF)? They just started trading at the end of May and should be moved to the Naz soon. They just completed the agreement with Pogo Producing Co. to purchase Pogo’s shelf properties for $419.5 million in cash.

“This transaction will boost our recent production run rate by more than 40% and our proved reserve base by about 50%,” says John Schiller, chairman and CEO, Energy XXI.

“Given current oil and gas prices, we consider this an attractive investment based solely on the proved properties, and we expect the deal to be immediately accretive to cash flow.”

I have good exposure in GOM with Newfield, MMR (they now own almost 100% of the gulf leases), & a royalty trust (TISDZ) on the entire Blackbeard field....but I am considering a position here, any thoughts?
looks like mvis news on monday?
Look at that EPD go.
I know nothing about EXXIF. But, I just added it to our ticker. Keep your eyes out on the midstream sector. Maybe I can talk about it this weekend.
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