Friday, July 20, 2007


Here We GO

Here comes the rally.

I've completed every market moving ritual, from coffee to oatmeal to time machines to throwing spare pavers at my trader/servant.

In short, I want to buy LZ, NTRI, MVIS, HANS and MCHX on this dip.

FMCN has momentum, and should be bought too.

Off to meet with my voodoo Doctor.

UPDATE: As pointed out by one of you (internet homeless men), my time machine was set for Monday. Sorry for the confusion.

Take 3 chicken heads and 2 oz of yak blood, and call me in the morning.
Hey fucker, did you get a good bowel movement in as well?
Watch you words, Wood.

Else, I'll have my voodoo Doctor sacrifice a goat, in order to give you leg cramps.
Hey man, whatever it takes. I'll send you a big fat bowl of liquified exlax if that will help.
"The Fly" doesn't require the help from internet fucktards, like yourself.

He has a time machine.
I mean, if that will help with a market rally.
I am most definitely not a fucktard. Maybe a ticktard with a 2nd tier blog, but definitely not a fucktard.
I wonder how many new short positions are already under water.
Fly, report of a a man finding a bolt in his cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Watch youreself, fucker.
wood, I concur, you are a ticktard not a fucktard. There is a crucial distinction. A fucktard is a person who spouts off like an idiot, or says plain horsehit to annoy people, a la neweq.

This, of course, is different from a fuckfacetard, aka "people who think the market go down and apparently must suffer from down syndrome, as that is the only possible way to explain shorting." I feel sorry for anyone really afflicted with that disease, not the shorts.

Resume buying everything, twice, and with both hands. May the buffalo compel you.

One day, someday, GS will be up again, and I will eat two double-doubles from In-n-Out to celebrate.
Woodshedder you definitely are not a fucktard for you foresee squiggly lines and shit.
Thank you Boone.
I think it would be cool if you did an old school TA video, a la Alpha Trends, except you had some hand drawn charts up on a fucking easel, and like a highlighter and ink pens scribbling all over them.
Ahh....coming from the KinG Fucktard himself, I feel most gracious for the comments you have bestowed upon me.
Broker whats up this weekend. I get the sense this fucker is going to shut down for the weekend.

Danny, Do you still have all the passwords?

Would you please leave your family, drop all your friends, and keep us entertained 7 days/week? I can't tell you how many weekends I've spent sitting in front of the computer, saying a little prayer as I hit the refresh button. At least give Danny the keys this weekend. He may be a lazy fuck, but he's entertaining when he gets around to posting.
I don't, it was a guest thing. All of a sudden, perhaps by wizards magic, I could post on Fly's blog as if it was my own. I think someday a re-guest appearance could be in order.

shed - I like the idea. I want to incorporate an abacus, the funniest of ye olde learning tools. Speaking of abacus', look at this psycho, using an imaginary abacus. Where else but in Japan.

I also want to make a video to send into CNBC spoofing those commercials.

"I need to feel connected, I need an online broker I can trust, one who respects the little guy.
Scene cut to man on imaginary trading floor complete with ugly women........100 SHARES OF SAD!

you know the one I'm talking about, god it's awful.
This weekend, I believe Crude will slave over his filthy computer, giving us more stationary stock picks.
hopefully he doesn't give us 75 to comb through.

I believe the link to stock golden ratio is 1.6.
Crude, please provide a detailed analysis on the pros/cons of Canadian oil & gas trusts, and the ones which you feel are most likely to convert to US MLP status to get around the new tax rules brought to us by that fucktard (asshat of the week on 10/31/06) Jim Flaherty.
1.6 sounds right unless its on the Trading Goddess's blog. Or similar.

Crude be good netizen and be mindful of guys like me who still use aol dialup.
tap-dancing christ bill! That one takes the abacus right there.
hey! i'm going to cali this weekend and won't be back until is the website i was talking about where i made extra summer cash. Later! the website is here
Get that fucking shit out of here knicksgrl0917. Right the fuck out of here.
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