Saturday, July 07, 2007


Here's Johnny

I was gonna just case the joint and walk in like nothing had happened, but what's the use. Sha-Shaaa!

I'm BACK! No more weekends beside yourself with confusion, no more filling the void between market close friday and market open monday with a turpentine nap--I am here to guide you, and hopefully, upset you. I'm going for morally, and emotionally. I moved, that was then, and I have Internet now. And boy have I missed the Internets--as they have missed me.

I know there are a lot of new readers, so I'll introduce myself. I am Danny, the illustrious weekend janitor. Scores of men have tried to usurp my throne and none have succeeded. I am like Alexander the great, but three decibels more charming. I am a NASA-certified "rightist," because the vast majority of what I say ends up being correct. It's not my fault, it's historical precedence.

That stuff aside, I am not as proud of this video as I am the HANS one. I kinda consider this an interim video, for the next great one. It's not bad, but it's not nearly as great--and certainly a little more random.

Regarding the miscellaneous skits at the end, the point of them is, Apple's iPhone is a disruptive force. It is a scarce resource in the immediate term, but also in the longer term. It's old news--the iPhone is a status symbol that many will turn to for their next, fancier, ipod. I mean phone. The second skit shows how new technology forces companies to change. The way the phone will be upgraded via downloadable updates, like my mac, is awesome. This is going to make iphones as customizable as computers. That's fucking sweet. So enjoy the video. I had to cut the last 10 seconds of it to make it fit in shitty youtube. Nothing important happans.

Sorry for the rant-like nature of some of it, I am not going for a suck my naswad here, but just remember the sophomoric nature of this attempt and look forward to the next one, which will indeed be epic. Oh, and just to cover all my bases, I am aware a significant majority, if not entirety of this video isn't about stocks, per se, but I can tell you anecdotally more than 15% of people I know want an iPhone. So take it for its entertainment value and go fridge yourself, fatso.

PS: I am posting a stock based somethin-ruther later this weekend. Hope you had a good fourth, I did, and it is with much 'merican gusto, I heartily proclaim: Go USA. And reader, I downgrade your portfolio to neutral from market accumulate.



Great work on the video, I agree with you 100% on your price target.

I played with my friends iPhone, and the thing is simply amazing!

The stock is easily headed to $200 by year end.

If RIMM can bust through $200 with no problem, think about what APPL will do!
It took me 5 seconds to post this comment from my iPhone. I will now proceed to rub one out to an aapl chart.
Obligatory iphone post
Boone- nice work.

I'm an idiot for selling aapl when I did. I will look to get long again on a pull back.

By the way, the only thing that would make your videos better are more chicks. I like your rants.
Where else can you get kicked out of? First Ralph’s and now at the local mall. Damn the man! I bet if you were wearing sports attire then they would leave you alone and not skater-alternative apparel.

An observation~ First video, interaction with the ladies. Second video, filming of gay guys. Pink tie guy and hat/tank top guy.

Theory~Your camera man is secretly gay.
Danny, Nice work for a janitor.

A couple of things... You need to work on your set-- that lighting looked like amateur porn-- How about a little schtick maybe a mop and bucket. Some call words like "HELLOO"
or "HEY NOW". Just kiddin-- Keep up the good work!

I'm not a big Cell phone guy. I despise having to do anything with it, besides syncing names and talking on it.
Dude, Vinnie Chase should have hired you to direct "Medellin" instead of that weird fuck Billy . . .
Iphone is a game changer, without a doubt. If you have any doubts, stop in an apple store for 5 mins and you will understand. Video wasn't bad Danny.
Take a look at AT&T, Apple is making 50% gross margins off the iphone ($300/phone), AT&T charges 80$/month with a 2 year contract or $1920/2yr and AT&T has 50% gross margins so they're banking close to $1000 a phone. Add that to the bottomline and the fact that 40% of new Iphone purchasers are T-mobile/Verizon/etc.
At&T has an exclusive 5 year contract with Apple, it has a PE of 21 and a yeld of 3.5%.
Just think, AAPL was at $9.30 when the first iPod came out. This is a bigger product in my opinion. Apple is going to own the PDA market.

I have had my iPhine for a week now, and I can say that the hardware design and interface are perfect. The software and network speeds can only improve from here. This product is a total game changer.
yeah if I hadn't seen some of the girls my cameraman had fucked I'd think he was gay too.

thanks for the compliments on the video.

The next video will have more bitches, you guys are right, all my videos need em.

Speaking of billy, I'm glad I got my cable in time to watch entourage.

Oh yeah, my camera light broke, thus the porn theatre.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Your fucking name should always be capitalized.

Sorry, shit like that irks "The Fly" and causes his "calculator brain" to overheat.

I will now watch the video.
This comment has been removed by the author.
hmm. I thought I fixed the shift key, but still no caps.
This is truly a tragedy:
hahaha ducati is gonna be pissed
good vid
awaiting Crude's pick...
crude, where the next buyout target at bud?

I still think you should get into this gig full time. You're a natural. Enough off the ass kissing. You're right, add some Bodacious breas'si'siss bouncing off Baaa Baa Booyies Head and we have Oscar worthy material. You should get one of those hidden hat cams and bring it into PB Bar and Grill and we could watch you "catch and release" bitches.
Of course, you would need to also check and see if they're selling Monster. BTW, for those who like good info, HANS is looking to expand into Europe with new product and industry talent. Keep those HANS shares tight to your vest.
rumor is that HANS is getting bought out by PEP.
Danny-Enjoyed the video. You can beat M. Moores and A. Gores ass for best documentary at the Oscars (sorry Fly for the implied Politics).
Cheesefries-Too busy at the tournament to catch the US Womans Open up the road. My son played with Brittney Lincicome at a Four ball two years ago at Caves Valley and has played a number of times with In Bee Park and has known her caddy for years.
thanks brent.

I like the idea about setting up a cam. But I don't think you people want to see that.

I need to finda good camera dude. If my friends could just adjust a damn exposure and not be so lazy.

If I can get tits on film though, bottom line, they are going in.
Brittney Lincicome is a cutie for sure. So is Natalie Gulbis. If Natalie could just break through and win a tourneyment one of these days.
Very nice!

This is a pretty decent docu. SuperSize Me of the credit card industry.
you so need a new apartment. nice video.
I'm sure the folks at Wallstrip are sweating... there's a new videoblog star on the horizon.

josh I just moved in you artard
we dont sweat, we perspire. The more video the better in my view. Keep cranking
Danny lives in a mansion compared to where I was living when I was in college. We had mice and an occasional rat. When the space heater went on (because the heat didn't really work) I would wake up from time to time thinking the wood floors were on fire. It was eventually condemned and torn down a few years after I left.
Good times.
Good chit, Danny--as always.
Cheesefries-I forgot to mention earlier but there is a short video from the tournament about the bar and its famous bathroom at the Pine Crest Inn. Go to, hit Amateur at the top and then GolfweekTV then Amateur Summer Roadtrip Day 5. It shows Payne Stewarts signature in the bathroom, etc.
I'll give the vid a C+ for content, an A- for effort, and a B-triple-minus overall. Which leaves plenty of room for an upside surprise which I hope will be forthcoming. I don't even think Howard is perspiring. If Howard was really sweating, you'd see him pull out all the stops and have Lindsay living up to the name tease title they use.

Other than that, stick to stock picking DANNY.
COOL is breaking out
bruce, you are the last person I ever give a fuck about impressing, but thanks.

Here is exactly what I think about that:

I find your comment shallow and pedantic, not unlike the meatloaf.
Thanks! just showed my pops. Have you been to Tot Hill farm? Check out midsouth and midpines. The pinecrest inn is my favorite. Scotty has served me many a Bass/Guinness.

got anything for us to chew on this week?
Cheesefries-I heard good things about Tot Hill but haven't been there. I did go to MidPines twice and I stayed at the old hotel. It had those big brass keys (this was about five years ago) and the old wood floors in the room were going downhill. I'm hoping he qualifies for the US Amateur so I can caddy for him at the Olympic Club in SF.
It is largely rumored that the Fly is getting very testy due to the FL temperatures. Off to eat some gator meat.
I'll have you know fly only dines on 2.5" thick rib eyes or uber-fine caviar.
DANIEL . Glad to see you can handle some constructive criticism gracefully & in stride. But please feel free to continue in your borrowed style of dishing it out. Up till now that has no doubt served you well. One more piece of cc - a thicker skin may also serve you well if you are gonna spout your shallow pedantic views on the internets.(or in real life for that matter)
caviar is fo suckas
liked your analysis on AAPL and should write that up in a research report and send it off to the Citigroup/Smith Barney dicks..I'm sure they'd appreciate the candor, literary style and viewpoint.

nice job on the vid; you've got some talent there, little man
bruce, you didn't leave any constructive criticisms:

"I'll give the vid a C+ for content, an A- for effort, and a B-triple-minus overall. Which leaves plenty of room for an upside surprise which I hope will be forthcoming. I don't even think Howard is perspiring. If Howard was really sweating, you'd see him pull out all the stops and have Lindsay living up to the name tease title they use.

Other than that, stick to stock picking DANNY."

there was nothing constructive, nor really critical in that piece.

FUCK YOU and your lame retort.

I'm glad I don't have to cater to scum like that anymore.
thanks stockhead
D - one more piece of cc on the internets & real life ... you overuse the word FUCK & its derivatives .. it loses its effect

My guess is if you did more of your favorite word, you wouldn't have to abuse its editorial affect so often

just a guess
danny - what are trying to do - be the wallstrip to fly ?

you suck - the video sucks ... and
quite frankly ... you just plain suck. you deserve to get fired - with napalm ...
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