Thursday, July 19, 2007


Hole: Violet

If you put a tall black pointy "witch's hat" on top of Maria Bartiromo's head...well, that would look kinda natural, wouldn't it?
same song, hole - violet.

one of the best skate parts of all time. filmed a couple tricks. best style of all time
GOOG - the horror! let the wringing of the hands begin... ;) I predict much profound commentary on the morrow.
looks like one of cramer's four horsemen is dead tonight.


bought some aug 500 puts right before close.
paid up a little for those puts, didya now?
did anyone at least watch the video?
That basically marked the high point of Hole's career.

I didn't see any skating in the video though, Danny. Just angry chicks in lingerie.

Lord is she annoying.
shortdabull: Congrats man I envy you as I despise GOOG. How many contracts did you get? Front month? Must have been one hell of a payday. Been awhile since I have seen a stock down 50 points :)
nncoco - no, the video I linked to, which mysteriously disappeared.

here it is again:
style is just outta hand. his arms don't move. Is he asleep?
Man, am I pissed I dumped SNDK before earnings today. It's ripping AH.
Thank you IBM for moving us to 14,000.

In view of the nice run we're having:
SNDK is a welcome relief to the GOOG pain AH.

Jeremy (the other Jeremy)
nice quiet style, kind of the chris miller of street (dating myself).

great market action for summer, let's hope it keeps going.
GOOG getting F'd in the A.
whoo hoo ... I come back 2 hours later to see I got filled at 505 ....fwiw - it looks like the uptrend line from conception comes in around 480
hilarious - AMZN and RIMM down a buck+ AH just on guilt by association. The market is never rational, especially when it comes to cramer picks.
What an overreaction to a .03 miss! GOOG doesn't guide, so it's the ANALysts' fuck up. Down 40???
What a joke!
They'll shake all the f-tard traders out then ride it back up.
Is the bull finally going to get some rest?
Oh yeah. The Fly is God.
gappingandyapping: 5 contracts, almost did 10 but they were too pricey. I usually only put in $1000-$3000 on my longshot options plays. When they hit, it's a nice payday but alot of the time they expire worthless. lol.

Last ones that really paid big were rimm 190's. $1 before earnings, sold for $12 (they're $44 now...doh!).
Well great job no matter how many you bought. If it falls under 500 you should make a lot.
Flyster - how was that rib-eye?
nice trade fucka...
Danny - Watched the skate vid. That guy is sick. I would want to dress like a baseball catcher just to shoot that shit. Takes balls. Shit happens like that opening shot of that cracked board.

I was in Golden Gate Park today and saw some guys shooting tandem like you do. Watched them for a few to see if it was you.
appleyard is the man. flyesque in a sense
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