Thursday, July 12, 2007


I endorse this man for President

Do you still like MATH here?
I notice you only go after my micro cap picks.

I still like it.

Quiet period end Friday.
Nah MATH is the only microcap I own. I like DNA, NTRI, LEN (at these levels), OEH, MPEL, MVIS. Personally I think they (micro's) are IED's just waiting for me to walk by and touch one of them yet I keep doing it. I just ask you about names like MATH because its hard to get any info on them.
no politics

I should have some more info, sometime next week.

The CEO sold his last company to XLNX. Should he make a successful run with MATH, I suspect he will sell this fucker too.
Cool thanks for everything!

By the way was anyone else disappointed in the New Jersey head cunt pictures? I was hoping she would be doing blow off of miss New York's ass.
The Miss New Jersey fiasco was an inside job. Publicity stunt, she got to go on Good Morning America right? Next, she will make a few more rounds to prop up her "career". She's smarter than the average bear and sucker punching the public as she does it. They will never find the "mysterious blackmailer".
fuck that n$#ga.
Thanks for VMI
NewEq, you cannot use that word anymore, it has been laid to rest.
oh and I vote you for president
Chelsea Clinton asked an American soldier who he feared.......

His answer was:

“Osama, Obama, and Yo Mama.”
Hey Fly,

I recently tuned in to this blog. Nice work and a fantastic community here.

OK, enough of the bullshit pleasantries. check out IMMR. Their customer list is a Who's who of tech and the chart looks amazing. This one's going higher.
Do you see a future in coal to liquids?
NNN for 5+% dividend

Any of you fine gentleman care to comment? Looking for some safer dividend stocks for blue hairs.
BAC 9.5 forward earnings 4.6%. Whats not to like there.
Jeff here you go:,416&product=36
gapping, thank you sir, I like what I am seeing here. There is more yield in these REIT's but of course more risk, especially in real estate. I should buy SRS.
Jeff with rates where they are right now there is no reason to take a risk if you are looking to park something for 5%. Those money markets are pretty decent and I have even seen some offering 6.5% for the first 6 months. Just a safe thought.

QUICK ALERT: The bears are getting their testicles cut off, dipped in Jeri curl and southern deep fried.

I take my kid shopping to AEO and ANF and the market is melting up (as Fly said it would). Nice work guys---keep those market orders coming.

The shorts are definitely getting machine gunned.

Jeff, I have just what you are looking for. I wonder if I will be able to talk about them this weekend.
NNN sucks taint, you want O
^ all triple net leases, 99% occupied, only sell to large chains, kfc, taco bell, etc, presence in 48 states, and has paid 486,584 consecutive monethly dividends.

The dividend goes up every year. of course the stock has been blowing lately, but I don't care I like it anyways and have owned it forever since my dad used to be an officer there.

wait, why am I helping out jeff?
because you drink fluoride and power-slam Stella
"and has paid 486,584 consecutive monethly dividends."

wow. theyve paid a dividend for 40,000+ years in a row?!

That's staying power!
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