Friday, July 13, 2007


"I work with retards"

Sort of like me.

"I have not sold any MVIS, yet. I will make some strong efforts to get a better feel for the stock, over the next week.

If I decide to sell, I'll let you know. I won't hide it, like many of you think I will. That wouldn't be right.

In short, let me do some digging."

any updates?
Dude, he said "over the next week". Chill out.
This blog is truly one in a million.

From the comfort and vantagepoint of his "time machine", the Fly blesses the internet retards (aka 'fucktards') with generous stock picks from his "calculator brain" and "high IQ-ish" lottery number picking skills.

The retards are more than happy to reciprocate with admiration, praise, homage and submission (e.g.-"I will now go fuck a can of corn. Thank you."---LOL).

This is a classic symbiotic relationship that will be written and discussed in B-schools texts for years to come.
As far as MVIS is concerned, Fly is in a better position than most of us to gauge the company's short-term success or failure.

This is due to the time and effort he has invested into researching and following the company, his connections, financial resources, and social circles. And he is not full of shit, which is demonstrated both by his high win rate and the fact that blogging daily out of your ass about a single stock for close to a year is not worth the effort.

I don't see anything wrong with giving heavy consideration to his assessment of the company, short term.
...see what I mean?
This is my favorite site on the internets.
Fly, I recently came in to some cash from the company below, what is your top pick?
stockhead: You're one of us man. You're just in Stage 1: Denial.
fly should make this blog a pay service. $50 a month.

1000 subs. x $50 = $50k per month

not too shabby. He'll be able to upgrade the lexus.
Who among you plan to pay homage to The Fly by naming your chilren Fucktard, Asshat, and Pico P.?

not in denial...just speaking from the third person, present tense, future-active voice.

my sense is that Fly is confident in his ability to "print" money; recognizes his own potential for philanthropy; and is probably not in this for the money.

how do you put a price on glory?
Why charge, when it's for free?

You must think "The Fly" needs your stupid internet money.


fly needs nothing but satisfaction of superior asskickery.

Chemicals are sweet, I like ALB, APD, PX. It sucks cramer recc'd APD, cuz I really like that one.
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