Friday, July 13, 2007


Late Day Thought, part II

Pete Najarian (Fast Money) has no fucking idea what he's talking about. As he speaks, he guesses and defaults to fucktarded option activity to finalize his irrational brain functions.

Do not trust a guy with a fucking pony tail, ever.
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Beaver, what country are you from?
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I agree Fly. Pete the dumbass. I can't believe he didn't know how to pronounce the currency of India (the rupee) a couple shows earlier...
Hey, Fly, hurry, go to the Drudge, they got a good picture that would look good on your website to sum up the week. Bulls win, again.
Didn't George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Rambo have pony tails?
I would trust them.
Holy shyte, the horn is going is his leg mid-shin to the knee!!!
Crazy. That's gotta hurt.
What a bunch of fucktards over there.Running with bulls whatever
arrgghh! one guy is getting backdoored by the right horn.

(...thus giving rise to the phrase "the shorts got Pampalona-ed")
Tradercaddy, good point. However, Rambo is not real, he is a fictional character in a movie. As for George and Ben, that was in 1775, not 2007.
Say it aint so. Rambo is real. I saw him rescue Santa Claus from the evil Viet Cong. Plus I saw him at the urinal next to me at the Miami Dolphins-New York Jets game at Dolphin Stadium a few years ago.
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Pete is my favorite. He is a hottie w/ tha ponytail.
LOL - You're right, Broker. Often I'm embarrassed for that duck tail wearing cock sucker. Dude thinks flash/ssd is the same technology as a standard PATA/SATA drive (previous mention to Seagate being in the iPhone). Dude's a fucking butt monkey.
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